Houjicha from Obubu Tea via Yunomi.us Mystery Tea Samplers Club

Yunomi.us just started a Monthly Mystery Tea Samplers Club and this lucky Owl got her beak on it! With the Monthly Mystery Tea Samplers Club you get 3 x 10g samples, all different teas. 20% off coupon to purchase any of the teas for that month. What I found was really cool was included was a couple page letter that goes into each tea – the history of the tea farm its from, pictures of the family/farmers at the tea farm, information about what the tea is and steeping instructions.   This month, one of my three teas is Houjicha Light Roast from Obubu Teas! I’ve … Continue reading, hoot!

Gravity Tea Steeper Love and Care

In early into my tea journey, Gravity Tea Steepers got me started into making amazing loose leaf tea. Before gravity steepers, I was use those tea ball chain things which were messy and didn’t give tea room to expand. I also used paper filters that you can fill with your own loose leaf, but I found that was a bit of waste. Once I got my first gravity steeper, in my case DAVIDsTEA the Steeper, I immediately noticed a flavor difference. Tea had a fuller and stronger flavor! Years later, I acquired other tea ware for steeping, such as teapots and … Continue reading, hoot!

Magnolia Oolong from Upton Tea Imports – Tea Review

Magnolia Blossom Oolong is a floral scented oolong from Upton Tea Imports. Life has been weird lately. My husband adopted a turtle. We unexpectedly bought a new fridge and deepfreeze on a trip to the hardware store to build a pond for Turtimer. The kitchen was in disarray as said new fridge doesn’t fit where the old one was (and barely got into the house). All the moving around of the kitchen and surrounding areas to get the fridge into the house made me move my tea stuff out of the way, so I’m disorganized. The bonus is I have a … Continue reading, hoot!

Yixing pot #2

Finally, my second yixing pot! My first yixing pot was from Hong Kong, but I’ve been undecided what to season it with. I figured if I get a couple more, I’d have an easier time – so I ordered a second pot. While I waited for this teapot to arrive, I unexpectedly bought a third yixing teapot. I saw some fantastic yixing pots and gaiwans at Yunnan Sourcing. However, since based in China, the shipping fees were on the high side or long shipping times. Luckily, they have a US based site, Yunnan Sourcing.us, that also had the same yixing pot. … Continue reading, hoot!

Yixing Teapot #3

So, I unexpectedly acquired another Yixing clay teapot. Yixing #3? Well, I have #2 coming in the mail soon. #1 is the yixing pot I got from Hong Kong. I was shopping a couple towns over from where I live and my Mother-inlaw said there was a tea shop in the area. We weren’t sure what kind of tea shop it was.. Boba tea? Restaurant? Loose leaf? Anyways, it was a few blocks away from where we were so we went to check it out. This tea shop is called Bamboo Tea House out in Claremont, California. By the way, … Continue reading, hoot!

Strawberry Daiquiri Honeybush from 52 Teas – Tea Review

Strawberry Daiquiri Honeybush is a fun, drink inspired blend from 52 Teas / Zoomdweebie’s. This limited time, tea of the week blend is also caffeine free! I bought this tea immediately. No “let’s wait and see if it’s popular” or procrastinating. Though, with 52 Teas, if one procrastinates, it should be kept to a minimum as the teas can sell out! I love 52 Teas honeybush blends. Pineberry Honeybush was pretty funky. Peanut butter cup cheesecake honeybush I worship. I had a few samples of others from tea trades that were fantastic as well. The girlie owls have gathered – they want an … Continue reading, hoot!

Eight Treasures Yabao from Verdant Tea – Tea Review

Eight Treasures Yabao is a blend of yunnan green jasmine, silver buds yabao pu’er, goji berry, marigold, vanilla bean, honeysuckle, rose and elderberry. This unique tea is from Verdant Tea. This blend caught my eye last year, but I didn’t jump on it, then it eventually went out of stock. When Verdant Tea restocked this tea for the season, it prompt me to do my first order with them. I think what interested me was the combination of a silver bud yabao pu’er with floral and goji.   Dry Leaf: The smell of Eight Treasures Yabao is unexpected! It smells like a musky mountain spice. … Continue reading, hoot!

Periwinkle from The Persimmon Tree – Tea Review

Periwinkle is a black Assam tea blended with vanilla bits and white tea leaf flowers. This loose leaf blend is from The Persimmon Tree. I’ve had only a couple black and white tea blends. One that sticks to my mind is DavidsTea’s Checkmate, a black & white tea blend with chamomile and coconut, which is pretty good. Black and white tea blends seem unusual – they are like polar opposites of dark rich tea vs. gentle floral tea, but somehow work. Anyways, when The Persimmon Tree released some new teas recently, Periwinkle was a must try for me – The Persimmon Tree has some great blends!   … Continue reading, hoot!

Mandala Silver Buds Raw Pu’er 2012 from Mandala Tea – Tea Review

Time to pu’er pick some Mandala Silver Buds Raw Pu’er 2012! This 100g cake from Mandala Tea. Mandala Tea has several Silver Bud pu’er cakes – 2008, 2011 and 2012. I went with the 2012 as it is cheap price, plus it was on sale at the time! I actually was stuck between this one and the Mandala “Wild Monk” Raw Pu’er 2012 for my first cake. Also, the 100g cakes are so darn cute of a size!   My only disappointment was there was no artwork on the wrapper. The Wild Monk cake had some fantastic art on the wrapper (and I’m a sucker for that kind of … Continue reading, hoot!

Yixing Turtle Tea Pet!

Finally got my first Tea Pet /Mascot! No, I’m not retiring the owls – they are still Oolong Owl’s official mascot. This tea pet is made from yixing clay. You place them on your tea table and care for them (or feed them) by pouring tea over them. Over time, the pet will suck in the tea smells and colours. Anyways, I’ve always been in the lookout for some. I tried my luck with ebay, and here’s what I got: A TURTLE! Feed me tea! This tea pet was purchased from Berylleb King Tea via Ebay, shipped from China. This … Continue reading, hoot!