Teaware.House Teaware Review


White2Tea recently opened a new shop, which specializes in teaware – Teaware.House. White2tea does sell some teaware pieces, but Teaware.House expands the beautiful tea ware offerings to “your wallet will weep” mode. There are so many really nice tea ware items, from tea pots, cups, and gaiwans, it is hard to stay in your tea ware budget! Anyways, I got three items from Teaware.House for review (OMG YES!) and more on the way since I went into a buying frenzy after this package arrived. Unboxing of Teaware.House You all know I like to tease you, here’s the box. Boxes within boxes with lots of … Continue reading, hoot!

Libre Tea Infuser – Teaware Review

Libre Tea Infuser - Oolong Owl Teaware review (10)

When I was at the World Tea Expo, I ran into Libre – makers are attractive Loose Leaf tea travel tea tumblers. They were super sweet to give me one to review here on Oolong Owl. Admittedly, I have a Libre already which I bought in 2010. I used it at everyday at work for over a year. Back then, it was the only good looking tea tumbler I could find in Canada. This glass has taken a beating and it shows. Back when I purchased this Libre, all they had was the metal lids and a few different sizes. Now … Continue reading, hoot!

Bonavita Variable Temperature Gooseneck Kettle 1-Liter – Teaware Review

Bonavita 1 liter variable temperature gooseneck kettle - oolong owl (19)

Variable temperature kettles are the game changer in tea. Not all teas can be made with boiling water and if you are having issues with tea being really bitter, it is likely your water temperature is too hot. I find many black teas that are prone to bitterness do great at 200F, sometimes even 190F. Green teas need to be steeped with a cool water temperature of around 175F or they will be bitter, swampy and awful. Anyways, Variable Temperature Kettles are not cheap, so often people on tea forums are asking about which one is a good kettle. I have two … Continue reading, hoot!

Cuisinart CPK-17 PerfecTemp Variable Temperature Kettle Review

cusinart variable temp kettle - oolong owl teaware review (1)

In my opinion, a variable temperature electric kettle is a must have for a tea drinker. It is a game changer, especially if you drink delicate teas. The biggest complaint I hear from new tea drinkers, especially with green tea and matcha, is their tea is too bitter – really high chance they steeped the tea with boiling water. The same green or matcha steeped at 160F to 175F will yield a tea that is not bitter! I came tame a bitter astringent black by dropping the water temperature to 200F. When I’m without a variable temperature kettle I find … Continue reading, hoot!

Urban Tea Tumbler from The Tea Spot – Teaware Review

Urban Tea Tumbler from The Tea Spot - Oolong Owl Teaware Review (5)

I spotted The Tea Spot‘s Urban Tea Tumbler at the last World Tea Expo and was impressed with the design. To my delight, The Tea Spot sent me an Urban Tea Tumbler to play with! It was great timing too as the tumbler arrived when I was on crutches with a sprained ankle, unable to carry things as I walked, but I could carry this tumbler as it has a strap! I gotta say, the Urban Tea Tumbler is a very nice tea tumbler. I’ve been using this tea tumbler almost every day even when I don’t need to as it’s a … Continue reading, hoot!

Aliexpress 11.11 2015 Teaware Haul

Aliexpress11112015 teaware haul - Oolong Owl (6)

Aliexpress has the most epic 11.11 sales which I, of course, participated in. Hootcurses, once November comes it’s never ending sales – 11.11 (Singles Day technically), Pre-thanksgiving, Early Black Friday, Black Friday, Cyber Monday and now it’s Tuesday and I’m getting “Extended Cyber Monday!” sales. Seriously, I shouldn’t even bother rushing for sales if they just don’t end. First up – Bamboo Tea Table with Drip Tray. I bought a bunch from Dragon Tea House for the 11.11 sales, so you can probably easily find this one on ebay, aliexpress, and Dragon Tea House’s website. I rage quitted on my tea … Continue reading, hoot!

Yet Another Daiso Teaware Haul

nov2015 daiso haul - oolong owl (1)

Yet another Daiso teaware haul. Officially, I found two (one and two) other hauls I posted about, but since then I’ve done numerous Daiso trips and there’s probably some buried in other haul posts or I had just posted them on Instagram. Anyways, if you don’t know Daiso is a Japanese Dollar store chain that is sprouting up stores in North America (yay!). I discovered they opened yet another location near me and this one a pretty quick drive for me and near things I need to drive to – a blessing and a curse! Daiso a weird selection of … Continue reading, hoot!

The Awesome Ebay Find – Yixing tea set

Ebay yixing set - Oolong Owl (12)

I was poking around Ebay for tea pets and somehow found a listing for a yixing tea set. To my surprise, it was just up for bid from a US seller. The pictures were vague as it was just the set in the box and the information was lacking as there were no measurements or volumes listed. I messaged the seller for more information and after 3 rounds of questions I still didn’t get the answers I was looking for. I first asked “What size is the tea pot and cups?” and the seller answered how big the cups were. I then asked … Continue reading, hoot!

The $5 Aliexpress Yixing Tea Pot

5 dollar yixing tea pot fail - Oolong Owl  (6)

Actually, I paid $4.59. I was looking at the insanely cheap “yixing” tea pots on Aliexpress. At $4.59, this was the cheapest one I found. I thought my $7.00 40ml one was cheap, but noooo this 120ml was even cheaper! I decided to purchase the cheap tea pot for science. Hey, maybe this pot might be alright. All fails, I can display it to look all fancy. All my yixing tea pots I pack into little boxes and hide them in cupboards to keep them safe from earthquakes and my clumsy butt hitting the tea shelf. The tea pot arrived … Continue reading, hoot!

Summus Tea Cold Brew Bottle with Black and Oolong Teas – Tea Review

I purchased this cold brew tea set, along with extra teas from Summus Tea during the World Tea Expo 2015. I had to have it – the tea samples were delicious and the glass bottles were so pretty! Summus Tea sells fine, hand picked, organic Taiwanese teas. Admittedly, I saw a few bottle designs at World Tea Expo, but this one was special. Summus had COLOUR CHANGING BOTTLES! OMG OMG! Summus had a few designs, a tiger, butterflies and this one which I picked: tree with leaves and birds. Out of the box, the design is white and so cute. Apparently, it was designed by … Continue reading, hoot!