The Awesome Ebay Find – Yixing tea set

Ebay yixing set - Oolong Owl (12)

I was poking around Ebay for tea pets and somehow found a listing for a yixing tea set. To my surprise, it was just up for bid from a US seller. The pictures were vague as it was just the set in the box and the information was lacking as there were no measurements or volumes listed. I messaged the seller for more information and after 3 rounds of questions I still didn’t get the answers I was looking for. I first asked “What size is the tea pot and cups?” and the seller answered how big the cups were. I then asked … Continue reading, hoot!

The $5 Aliexpress Yixing Tea Pot

5 dollar yixing tea pot fail - Oolong Owl  (6)

Actually, I paid $4.59. I was looking at the insanely cheap “yixing” tea pots on Aliexpress. At $4.59, this was the cheapest one I found. I thought my $7.00 40ml one was cheap, but noooo this 120ml was even cheaper! I decided to purchase the cheap tea pot for science. Hey, maybe this pot might be alright. All fails, I can display it to look all fancy. All my yixing tea pots I pack into little boxes and hide them in cupboards to keep them safe from earthquakes and my clumsy butt hitting the tea shelf. The tea pot arrived … Continue reading, hoot!

Summus Tea Cold Brew Bottle with Black and Oolong Teas – Tea Review

I purchased this cold brew tea set, along with extra teas from Summus Tea during the World Tea Expo 2015. I had to have it – the tea samples were delicious and the glass bottles were so pretty! Summus Tea sells fine, hand picked, organic Taiwanese teas. Admittedly, I saw a few bottle designs at World Tea Expo, but this one was special. Summus had COLOUR CHANGING BOTTLES! OMG OMG! Summus had a few designs, a tiger, butterflies and this one which I picked: tree with leaves and birds. Out of the box, the design is white and so cute. Apparently, it was designed by … Continue reading, hoot!

Because you can never have too many rice pattern gaiwans and tea cups

rice pattern gaiwan july 2015 - Oolong owl (7)

Just keep me away from ebay and aliexpress – I keep finding these pretty gaiwans, tea cups and tea pets (I also find really weird stuff, but that’s another topic). I guess the good thing is as I downsize my tea stash, I’m creating more room for the tea ware. The Haul: The first item I purchased was the cups off aliexpress. I was inspired to get a rice pattern cup off Verdant Tea, who had some for a nice price, however I wanted a cup with more colour on it. I found these off aliexpress, which were a nice price, … Continue reading, hoot!

Yet again, Oolong Owl bought another ru kiln gaiwan and rabbit tea pet

I was doing my usual browsing through aliexpress and found a really sweet gaiwan! I also snagged a tea pet while I was at it! My tea pet is one I’ve seen around instagram plus I remember a tea seller having one in her facebook photos. I’ve wanted it for some time and I finally found one for an alright price so I jumped on it. It’s a bunny on a leaf boat tea pet! The tea pet is pretty cute as when you pour tea on him it fills up the boat! Thankfully, filling up the boat does not … Continue reading, hoot!

DAVIDsTea Matcha Maker Travel Tea Tumbler Review

DAVIDsTea Matcha Maker - Oolong Owl Tea Review (25)

Here I go again – me and my obsession with tea tumblers. I’m starting to buy these things as if they are accessories that go with my purse. Today’s travel tea tumbler is special though, the DAVIDsTea’s Matcha Maker, which is a unique design and the first time I seen a tea tumbler that focuses on matcha. First off, I need to address a question that is probably is on some of your minds. “Why is this a thing – can’t I just use a mason jar/any other tea tumbler to shake up hot matcha?” You can, go ahead and try it shaking hot … Continue reading, hoot!

More Ru Kiln Tea Ware!

In case you didn’t catch it on my Oolong Owl Instagram a few months back, my favorite ru kiln cup broke. The cup was part of my favorite travel gaiwan too. The set fell from my tea table onto the linoleum floor. The gaiwan is okay but the cup didn’t make it. I thought about kintsugi’n it, but for the price of the cheapest kintsugi kit I could find (33,00 EUR) I could just buy a new cup. I ended up buying a ru kiln tea pot, 2 cups and a pitcher (cha hai/fair cup/justice cup/whatever it is translated to) for the price of … Continue reading, hoot!

Steep & Go Cold Brew Tea Infuser from The Tea Spot

Steep & Go - The Tea Spot - Oolong Owl Tea review (1)

Back at the World Tea Expo in 2014, I was at The Tea Spot‘s booth and they had these Steep & Go cold brew bottle adapters that were super popular! With the Steep & Go bottle adapter, you can turn your water bottle into a cold steeping tea vessel! All you need is tea, though The Tea Spot also has cold brew teas to go with it! The bottle adapter is pretty inexpensive too. The Steep & Go comes with a drink top, filter and two adapter rings. This took me awhile to get around to review as times I ended up buying … Continue reading, hoot!

Rabbit Tea Pet

I am always on the look out for a cute tea pet! I am kind of picky with tea pets, I like really only owls, octopi, turtles, dinosaurs, and rabbits. Out of all of those, the turtle is the most common find, and I already have one. Anyways, I found this really cute Rabbit Tea Pet on aliexpress. This cutie sports an ice crackle glaze, which the cracks will darken with tea stains over time! Rotate the rabbit tea pet! The seller also had a white rabbit tea pet, a ru kiln glaze similar to one of my gaiwans, which I think … Continue reading, hoot!

Many Tea Pots!

My Grandmother in law has been collecting tea pots, displaying them on a shelf in her kitchen. Awesomely, she offered to give me some of her tea pots the next time I visit. Back in August, my husband’s family and I drove out to Utah to see her for her 90th birthday. I brought home two boxes full of tea pots! It took me a couple months to unpack the tea pots as I had no space to display them. For Christmas 2014, my dad bought me a spiffy new shelf from IKEA to display all my tea goodies. With that … Continue reading, hoot!