Sunday Tea Hoots 30 – Into the Depths of Amazon’s Tea World

In a night of tea drunkery and boredom, I descended into the depths of Amazon’s tea world. The madness started when I was linked this Collapsible Tea Kettle. At first I was impressed as this kettle is so space efficient and lime green! Rest assured, it also comes in bio-hazard orange! Then I read the 1 star reviews of the kettle melting violently when people left it unattended. I don’t think I am ever going to leave auto-shut-off boil-dry techno town. I then went down the search engine hole.. when you hit page 15 you start getting the weird stuff. Stuff that seems useful to only … Continue reading, hoot!

Aliexpress 11.11 2015 Teaware Haul

Aliexpress has the most epic 11.11 sales which I, of course, participated in. Hootcurses, once November comes it’s never ending sales – 11.11 (Singles Day technically), Pre-thanksgiving, Early Black Friday, Black Friday, Cyber Monday and now it’s Tuesday and I’m getting “Extended Cyber Monday!” sales. Seriously, I shouldn’t even bother rushing for sales if they just don’t end. First up – Bamboo Tea Table with Drip Tray. I bought a bunch from Dragon Tea House for the 11.11 sales, so you can probably easily find this one on ebay, aliexpress, and Dragon Tea House’s website. I rage quitted on my tea … Continue reading, hoot!

Because you can never have too many rice pattern gaiwans and tea cups

Just keep me away from ebay and aliexpress – I keep finding these pretty gaiwans, tea cups and tea pets (I also find really weird stuff, but that’s another topic). I guess the good thing is as I downsize my tea stash, I’m creating more room for the tea ware. The Haul: The first item I purchased was the cups off aliexpress. I was inspired to get a rice pattern cup off Verdant Tea, who had some for a nice price, however I wanted a cup with more colour on it. I found these off aliexpress, which were a nice price, … Continue reading, hoot!

Rabbit Tea Pet

I am always on the look out for a cute tea pet! I am kind of picky with tea pets, I like really only owls, octopi, turtles, dinosaurs, and rabbits. Out of all of those, the turtle is the most common find, and I already have one. Anyways, I found this really cute Rabbit Tea Pet on aliexpress. This cutie sports an ice crackle glaze, which the cracks will darken with tea stains over time! Rotate the rabbit tea pet! The seller also had a white rabbit tea pet, a ru kiln glaze similar to one of my gaiwans, which I think … Continue reading, hoot!

Tea House Tea Pet – Joseph Wesley Black Tea

Tea Pets – the coolest thing to have on your tea table next to the trusty Oolong Owl Tea Owl. I have one tea pet, purchased on Ebay. It seems tea pets have been easier to find these days thanks to the ease of purchasing things internationally with ebay and Aliexpress, but otherwise tea pets are hard to find, even moreso from a US seller. Joseph Wesley black tea, besides having amazing black teas and gorgeous tea chawans, they have a tea pet – a Tea House! Mine is unglazed and all white, but at Joseph Wesley black tea you can get your Tea House with … Continue reading, hoot!

Bamboo Tea Trays – Teaware review

Since my first wooden Tea Tray has be MIA for needing a good sanding and treatment, I’ve been on the lookout for a bamboo tray instead. Bamboo Tea Trays are more popular of a find, though there are stone and metal tea trays too. To be honest, I was tempted to purchase a metal tea tray – they are really cheap on Aliexpress (~$20) and large but are more functional than attractive. I could see myself buying a metal tea tray for myself, but for blogging pictures it would look pretty cold. Anyways, as the bargain hunter I am, I scored a … Continue reading, hoot!

Kikkerland Robot Tea Infuser – Oolong Owl Teaware review

I got a Kikkerland Robot Tea Infuser for christmas, yay! Novelty tea infusers entertain me. I feel like I want to collect them, but at the same time I feel they are probably subpar compared to my current tea set up. Apparently, at least on the amazon listing for  Kikkerland Robot Tea Infuser, you can get the same style of tea infuser, but in a frog, climber, diver, monkey, rocket and the Queen forms. There is also an axe tea infuser – I think that one should only be used for hibiscus teas! MUAHAHAHA! Anyways, there’s lots of styles to suit your fancy … Continue reading, hoot!

Yixing Turtle Tea Pet!

Finally got my first Tea Pet /Mascot! No, I’m not retiring the owls – they are still Oolong Owl’s official mascot. This tea pet is made from yixing clay. You place them on your tea table and care for them (or feed them) by pouring tea over them. Over time, the pet will suck in the tea smells and colours. Anyways, I’ve always been in the lookout for some. I tried my luck with ebay, and here’s what I got: A TURTLE! Feed me tea! This tea pet was purchased from Berylleb King Tea via Ebay, shipped from China. This … Continue reading, hoot!