More Ru Kiln Tea Ware!

In case you didn’t catch it on my Oolong Owl Instagram a few months back, my favorite ru kiln cup broke. The cup was part of my favorite travel gaiwan too. The set fell from my tea table onto the linoleum floor. The gaiwan is okay but the cup didn’t make it. I thought about kintsugi’n it, but for the price of the cheapest kintsugi kit I could find (33,00 EUR) I could just buy a new cup. I ended up buying a ru kiln tea pot, 2 cups and a pitcher (cha hai/fair cup/justice cup/whatever it is translated to) for the price of … Continue reading, hoot!

World Market Cost Plus Tea Ware Haul – Owl Mugs, Infusers and Coasters!

I love World Market Cost Plus – they have a bunch of stores in my area as well as an online shop! I tend to shop at this store for holiday gifts as they have a neat range of interesting toys, international foods, decor, bath stuff and clothes. Their kitchen section is really nice and World Market has lots of tea ware (and teas)! They also have lots of OWL GOODIES! HOOT! I bought a bunch of stuff online for Christmas gifts, but I also got a bunch of owl stuff for myself. I’ve purchased from World Market before for … Continue reading, hoot!

Korean Tea Cups from Hankook Tea

I’ve been questing for Korean Tea cups with infusers for awhile now. Every time I see a character in a Korean Drama drink out of one I’m like “OOooh, pretty – I need one of those!” Annoyingly, these tea cups are a little hard to find and when you do find them, they are not cheap. Paying $30+ for a small tea cup makes me cry. Anyways, I saw on Hankook Teas‘ site, who sell Korean Teas (and ship from California!), that they have Korean tea cups! Even better is that they aren’t too pricey, some under $20. With that said, … Continue reading, hoot!

So much bubble wrap! Ebay Tea ware Fun

On occasion, I order tea and tea ware from Ebay. Ebay, especially from sellers based in China, have some killer deals and hard to find tea ware. However, when you get teaware shipped from China, you get some interesting packaging. Yunnan Sourcing has some legendary use of the bubble wrap, however this one takes the cake: This package is a tea set I took a risk on, bidding on a new seller. It looks the seller I got it from sold a few things and stopped, so no point of me linking them here. My package arrives with no box … Continue reading, hoot!

Nordic Mug from DAVIDsTea – Oolong Owl Teaware review

A large tea mug with tentacles? I had to have it! The cool mug is DAVIDsTea‘s Nordic mug in Breton Navy Octopus (Spring 2014 design)! Every season they come out with new designs and colours for their Nordic Mug. Let’s take a closer look at this tea mug. I ordered my mug online, so it was shipping from Eastern Canada and made it all the way to California in perfect condition. The Breton Navy Octopus Nordic Mug! The Nordic Mug is a big 16oz/463ml or 2 cups of tea compared to DAVIDsTea‘s which is a 12oz/ 355ml tea mug. All the DAVIDsTea tea mugs come with … Continue reading, hoot!

The Glass Perfect Tea Mug from DAVIDsTea – Oolong Owl Tea ware review

My father, who lives near a DAVIDsTea store in Vancouver Canada, purchased this Glass Perfect Tea Mug for me. Hurray for having a Canadian tea mule! I own DAVIDsTea Bubble Tea pot, which is quite nice and their Steeper, which is also a solid product, however I never tried their Perfect Tea Mugs. Let’s unwrap and try out DAVIDsTea‘s Glass Perfect Tea Mug! The Glass Perfect Tea Mug I picked out was a seasonal one, I think 2013 Spring – Glass Peacock design. Inside! Ooooh, shiny! The Glass Perfect Tea Mug is a 3 piece set: Mug, Tea Strainer and lid. As usual, David’s Perfect … Continue reading, hoot!

Goodies from Canada!

My Dad just arrived from my home town of Vancouver Canada. Huge weather change from him being in the cold to sunny California. Of course, I asked my dad to bring me some things from Canada, especially since he lives really close to a DavidsTea store… You know what that means? CANADIAN TEA GOODIES! (and airport Tim bits, those didn’t survive that long!) I got a new DavidsTea Steeper and a Glass Perfect Mug (peacock design from earlier in the year)! Intern Tea Owl is very happy about his new Steeper! My ingenuiTEA is leaking badly so the Tea Owls and … Continue reading, hoot!

Teaware update – August 2013

When I started Oolong Owl early this year I was really a “I rather have tea than tea ware” kind of person. I used basic tea ware like a gravity steeper, variable kettle with a glass mug and white tea cup to show off tea colour. As this blog progressed I’ve been feeling like I need more attractive tea ware to photo with the teas. I’ve also been enjoying serving guests tea in tiny annoying tea cups, MUAHAHAH! Anyways, here is some of my recent tea ware purchases: Mint Owl Mug! I always wanted one of these sweet owl mugs! … Continue reading, hoot!

Daiso Haul #2 – More tea ware!

I had broken my 2 cup tea pot not too long ago. I was looking online for a new tea cup, but I felt kind of sad. I could spend $15-$20 and get a nice tea pot, or I can get a couple cheapy Daiso tea pots for $1.50 to $4 each and if I accidentally break another one again, I won’t feel as bad. So.. DAISO TEA WARE HAUL! (again) I found two nice small tea pots. They hold around 15 to 16 oz each. The blue print one came with an infuser and was $4! I also snagged a … Continue reading, hoot!

Daiso teaware haul

DAISO! I love Daiso! They are sprouting more and more stores too! I originally went to the store in Richmond, BC Canada and was really sad to move out of Canada because at the time they only had the store in Canada and around San Francisco. However now they recently have opened a couple Daisos in my area, in Southern California yay! What’s Daiso? Well, it’s a japanese dollar store. Stuff is all $1.50 ($2 in Canada) and up. Need cute stationary, pencil cases, dishes, socks, lip gloss, yarn, gardening stuff, bath mitts, and kitchen stuff? Daiso has it and probably … Continue reading, hoot!