Hooty Tea Travels – Fridays at Phoenix Tea

2017 phoenix tea friday - oolong owl (5)

I visited Phoenix Tea last year, however since then they have moved to a new location. Phoenix Tea is on the other end of Seattle for me, so I haven’t visited as much as I’d like to. However, I made the trek a couple Fridays ago as each week Crimson Lotus Tea is slinging tea, plus Teadb was making an appearance that day. I ended up hanging out there most of the day drinking tea. First, let’s tour the new Phoenix Tea location. The new shop is quite sprawling, which is great as there is lots of goodies to look at … Continue reading, hoot!

Hooty Tea Travels – Day at Floating Leaves Tea and ArtXchange Gallery

Hooty tea travels FLT ArtXchange (6)

I had a long day last Saturday drinking tea at Floating Leaves Tea and visiting the ArtXchange Gallery in Seattle. Floating Leaves Tea has classes at least once a month, and this month we had some interesting oolongs she found on her recent sourcing trip to Taiwan. A couple teas were an educational tasting, as some where picked in late December or roasted very recently. It’ll be fun to drink these teas again in a few months once the roast has settled down. I drank 8 teas, some really interesting such as  Baozhong made with Chi Lan varietal and a Hong … Continue reading, hoot!

Hooty Tea Travels – Miro Tea, Seattle WA


My visit to Miro Tea was an impulse visit about a month back. Miro Tea is located in the Ballard area of Seattle. I was heading to Floating Leaves Tea, but I arrived excessively early, leaving me to wander around the area. Miro Tea is less than a 10 minute walk from Floating Leaves, so you can easily visit both shops.  For a special treat, walk a few blocks to visit Full Tilt Ice cream for some tea ice cream! Ballard is yet another tea pocket in Seattle, the other being the International District. Miro Tea was busy and had a coffee shop … Continue reading, hoot!

Oolong Owl Hoots the 2016 Northwest Tea Festival


I attended the 2016 Northwest Tea Festival in Seattle, WA! It was being held October 1 and 2. I was only able to attend the Saturday, but I was there for the entire day from open to closed. It was SO PACKED that my best pictures was after close as there was no huge mass of crowds. For public tea festivals, I have attended the Los Angeles Tea Festival three times. The Northwest Tea Festival was easily 4 or 5 times larger, attracting long lines for some samples, sold out tastings, and jammed unmovable crowds. It attracted quite a different crowd … Continue reading, hoot!

Hooty Tea Travels – Oolong Owl’s first visit to the Seattle International District

International District Seattle - Oolong Owl Tea (2)

A few months back I visited the Seattle International District, looking for tea. I was meeting a friend, but I made good time enough to check out the scene… …and have a slice of green tea, taro, and chocolate mousse cake at a bakery. The highlight was two tea shops in the area – New Century Tea Gallery and Seattle’s Best Tea. Both shops have an online website, but it doesn’t give it justice to actually visiting the shop. While I was in the International District I found another two tea shops, one wasn’t open yet, and the other didn’t … Continue reading, hoot!

Hooty Tea Travels – Floating Leaves Tea in Seattle Part 1/2

Floating leaves tea - Oolong Owl (12)

Since arriving in Seattle, I have visited Floating Leaves Tea twice – the place is just that cool! Floating Leaves Tea is located in the Ballard area of Seattle.  Ballard is a little out of the way to get to from downtown Seattle, but once you are there it is a fun area with lots of interesting shops and food. Floating Leaves Tea’s shop is small, but the first time I walked in I was greeted by the scent of roasted tea – the owner Shiuwen was roasting some oolong in the shop! Fresh roasted tea has such a nice smell! … Continue reading, hoot!

Hooty Tea Travels – Phoenix Tea Shop in Seattle

phoenix tea shop - oolong owl (1)

A tea friend and I visited a couple Seattle tea shops while she was in town. First on our list was Phoenix Tea Shop, which is located in a quirky area of Seattle called Burien. Outside the tea shop, whoa check out that amazing mural! I was told Phoenix Tea specializes in dark teas, however they had quite a selection of other teas. They had some whole heichas and some pu’er cakes. There was a number of teas I recognized as they were sourced from Yunomi, Yunnan Sourcing, and Tealet. They also had some interesting teas such as a line … Continue reading, hoot!

Hooty Tea Travels – Perennial Tea Room in Seattle Pike Place Market

perennial tea house - oolong owl (16)

I came across this tea shop by accident while I was touring Pike Place Market. It looked quite busy (as Pike Place Market on a sunny weekend is crazy packed with people), so I came back on a week day while I was in the area. Perennial Tea Room is located in the Post Alleyway, just up half a block from the main Pike Place Market. You can’t miss it if you are walking down the hill to Pike Place Market, or wandering around the area. Perennial Tea Room has been there for 26 years! The staff at Perennial Tea Room were … Continue reading, hoot!

Hooty Tea Travels – Seattle’s Vital Tea Leaf

vital tea leaf - oolong owl (9)

Now that I’m in Seattle I have been visiting all the local tea shops. I wished I checked out more tea shops while in LA (like all 4 of them, geeze), but awesomely Seattle has a lot of tea shops! For the first few weeks I was staying within walking distance to Pike Place Market. A block away from Pike Place Market is TWO Vital Tea Leaf shops, one north and one south. I went to the south one, close to the Target. Another day while in the International District, I saw they were opening yet another location in Seattle. Besides … Continue reading, hoot!

Hooty Tea Travels – Vancouver Tea February 2016

Hooty Travels - Vancouver 2016 (4)

I’ve been MIA over a week because I was in Vancouver, my home town. I was in town for the wedding of a long time friend so I was quite busy as a bridesmaid. mmm wedding cupcakes. I was able to set aside one day to hit Vancouver Chinatown and do some serious tea shopping with my US dollar. Hey, it is a good time to buy from Canada right now! First off, I met up with some Vancouver local Steepster friends, which was super awesome! Tea friends also run into the issue of enabling each other into buying more tea. I started at … Continue reading, hoot!