Hawaii Tea Haul! Oolong Owl’s Cruise to Hawaii part 1

I’ve recently got back from my Princess Cruise to Hawaii! Yay for last minute cruise sales! Anyways, my cruise was interesting and the itinerary changed. The plan was – start in Los Angeles, sail for 4 days, then stop in Maui, Hilo, Honolulu and Nawiliwili. A couple days  in  our ship had to change course, as instructed by the Coast Guard, to assist in a search mission. The Grand Princess, another ship heading to Hawaii, had a crew member go overboard. After a day and a half circling around the Pacific Ocean, we were released (with no luck finding the poor … Continue reading, hoot!

Oolong Owl Blog anniversary – 2013 Year in Review

Hello my wonderful tea peeps! I was planning to do a 2013 Year in Review New Years post, but I realized that I started Oolong Owl on January 12, 2013. The Tea Owls and I have been drinking, taking pictures and writing about tea here for a year! An Oolong Owl Blog Anniversary! Let’s look back through 2013, through the magic of prewritten wordpress blog scheduling as I’m currently vacationing in Hawaii. Oolong Owl’s Favorite Teas of 2013 Oolong Owl’s Favorite Tea Blend –  Steep City Teas’ Blushing Geisha was my hands down favorite tea blend. I bought a second … Continue reading, hoot!

Cruising with Tea: Travelling with Loose Leaf Tea on a Cruise Ship

Hi Tea Owls! Last month I went on a Princess Cruise from Los Angeles to Catalina Island to Ensenada Mexico and back! Totally check out part one of my experience on a cruise ship (aka, OMG Afternoon Tea Time!). In a crazy turn of events, it looks like I’m going on another cruise! I’m sailing for Hawaii tomorrow! Since I’m going on another cruise, I wanted to show what my travelling with loose leaf tea on a cruise ship set up was. This was my first cruise and I knew I needed to bring my own tea. I was glad … Continue reading, hoot!

Happy Holidays! Tea Ornaments! Oolong Owl 2013

Happy Holidays my tea peeps! The Tea Owls and I hope you are all having a great winter Holiday and drinking lots of tea!  I made sure to crack open some good pu’er and oolong for the occasion! The Oolong Owl Tea Owls are having lots of fun! They enjoyed supervising the gingerbread village construction. Hmm, we need to keep an eye on Teal “pu’er pick” Owl. I don’t want him stabbing the gingerbread houses for tea. The Tea Owls also enjoyed roosting in my Christmas Tree! My tree is right next to my tea shelf, so it is a … Continue reading, hoot!

Goodies from Canada!

My Dad just arrived from my home town of Vancouver Canada. Huge weather change from him being in the cold to sunny California. Of course, I asked my dad to bring me some things from Canada, especially since he lives really close to a DavidsTea store… You know what that means? CANADIAN TEA GOODIES! (and airport Tim bits, those didn’t survive that long!) I got a new DavidsTea Steeper and a Glass Perfect Mug (peacock design from earlier in the year)! Intern Tea Owl is very happy about his new Steeper! My ingenuiTEA is leaking badly so the Tea Owls and … Continue reading, hoot!

The Life of an Oolong Tea Leaf – Guest Post

Hi Tea Owls! Most of the time the Tea Owls and I guzzle down Oolong tea like it is going out of style. Time to switch gears a bit and have some learning time here at OolongOwl!  Sit back and learn about the love and effort put in to making Oolong tea by Guest Poster Samantha from Seattle Coffee Gear. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Life of an Oolong Tea Leaf Far from an episode of the X Files, here are the basics to jump start your Oolong education. While Oolong remains most popular in southern China and Taiwan, don’t be afraid to try this … Continue reading, hoot!

Princess Cruise Afternoon Tea and Cruising Fun with Oolong Owl

I recently came back from a cruise! I went on a Princess Cruise from Los Angeles to Catalina Island to Ensenada Mexico and back! I was on the Golden Princess cruise ship. I had a great time and took 403 pictures! Lots of tea adventures! With that said, this’ll be a two part post. This part I’ll cover the Afternoon Tea event with travel pictures. The second part (coming soon!) will be about how I dealt with bringing my own loose leaf tea. Princess Cruise Afternoon Tea Afternoon Tea was OMG BEST PART OF THE CRUISE for me! My ship had it … Continue reading, hoot!

Let’s Blend Genmaicha – Yunomi September 2013 Tea Samplers Club

Wow, Yunomi.us out did themselves for the Tea Samplers Club for September! For the month of September, Yunomi.us Tea Samplers Club  included: Organic Autumn Bancha from NaturaliTea. The leaf has an interesting mix of yellow and lower saturated green, compared to sencha, with a herb and celery scent. Organic Autumn Hojicha from the Takeo family. This tea as a lovely roasted scent with a great colour of fall: light greens and browns, a little lighter and delicate appearance than other hojichas I’ve seen. Genmai (toasted rice)  from Kyoto Obubu Tea Plantations. The genmai features petite roasted rice with the odd mini … Continue reading, hoot!

Oolong Owl Visits the 2013 Los Angeles International Tea Festival

I was lucky enough to visit the 3rd annual 2013 Los Angeles International Tea Festival on Saturday, September 28th! Well, I bought tickets off Living Social for a 2 for 1 deal, so I brought my tea hating husband along.. to carry my spoils and steal extra samples! First off, my Owl tea manicure for the event! The 2013 Los Angeles International Tea Festival was held at the Japanese American National Museum. The festival had booths outside as well as inside the museum, with about 20 booths along with seminars and workshops going on. I’ve been to other festivals and trade … Continue reading, hoot!

Oolong Owl’s Disneyland Club 33 Experience

Hi Tea Owls! Recently, I was able to go to Disneyland’s Club 33 and have tea there! What is Club 33? It is a member’s only club/dining room and the only place at Disneyland that serves alcohol. This place is not open to the public and you’ll need to be a member or invited. Eating at Club 33 is quite pricey, over $80 minimum for lunch kind of pricey. There is a dress code to eat at Club 33 which I found annoying to deal with. It was A. Pack extra clothes and shoes to change into or B. Wear … Continue reading, hoot!