THE SEASONING! Oolong Owl seasoning yixing teapot special!

Finally, it is time for… THE SEASONING A horror film with a great black metal soundtrack. The air is filled with the earthy clay scent of yixing clay. Boiling pots of water of cleansing and dark shu pu’er THRASHING WITH QI! /metal yell Yeah I’m weird. Admittedly, I am a little scared of THE SEASONING, hence the horror film theme playing in my mind. These yixing pots are pricey little tea pots and it’s something I don’t want to mess up. Though logically, seasoning a yixing pot sounds easier than boiling pasta. As planned, I decided to season Oolong Owl’s Yixing pot … Continue reading, hoot!

Gravity Tea Steeper Love and Care

In early into my tea journey, Gravity Tea Steepers got me started into making amazing loose leaf tea. Before gravity steepers, I was use those tea ball chain things which were messy and didn’t give tea room to expand. I also used paper filters that you can fill with your own loose leaf, but I found that was a bit of waste. Once I got my first gravity steeper, in my case DAVIDsTEA the Steeper, I immediately noticed a flavor difference. Tea had a fuller and stronger flavor! Years later, I acquired other tea ware for steeping, such as teapots and … Continue reading, hoot!

Tea Bunny

I wanted to introduce you all to my bunny, Benson! He’s a 1 year old holland lop. A very handsome rabbit. However, he’s rarely photogenic and always full of bunny mischief. I’ve tried taking photos of him with tea and it usually doesn’t go very well. That’s a tea tin under his bunny butt!! I tried to photograph him with the tin, and he quickly dragged it around then sat on it. I guess he doesn’t like black tea. Now can you see why this blog is called Oolong Owl and not Black Tea Bunny? Before this photo, I was … Continue reading, hoot!

100th Oolong Owl Post!

Hey tea owlets! This is my 100th post on Oolong Owl! Thank you, my tea owl readers! I hope you all have just as much fun reading my posts as I do writing them! Also, lots of love to you tea sellers out there who get their teas attacked by stuff owls here at Oolong Owl! Wow, I didn’t know I had this many Owls! Thankfully, I have lots of tea to feed all the them!

Mandala Wild Monk Raw Pu’er 2012 – Tea Review and Experience

MY FIRST PU’ER CAKE! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT! I mentioned previously that I’ve been shopping for pu’er cakes. I did lots of research and set a budget. After checking ratings, I discovered Mandala Tea has a great lineup, along with their own exclusive cakes. They also have really great customer support! This Mandala “Wild Monk” Raw Pu’er 2012 caught my eye for it’s promise of smokey and creamy notes, without any bitterness. It is also a 100g cake, so it is small enough to be affordable and low risk for a new to pu’er cake tea owl like me to try. I got this cake, and … Continue reading, hoot!

Oolong Owl’s First Tuocha

I had met some other tea lovers in person from Steepster the other weekend and we had a tea swap. One had brought a baggie filled with pu’er tuochas. I was happy to take some off her hands! The problem? We weren’t sure what tuocha was what, since there was very little English on the packaging. She did inform me there was some sheng/raw pu’er in there, but not sure which ones. I’m not experienced enough to tell any of the little cakes by smell, if that is even possible to do. To my surprise, Tuochas are smaller than I thought … Continue reading, hoot!

Oolong Owl’s First Gaiwan

I finally got a Gaiwan! WOOOOOT! A bit of history – I prefer gravity steepers. Once I got mine from DavidsTea, I was hooked. I later on got Adagio Tea’s IngenuiTEA (which I dislike due to its narrow size). I wanted to try a more traditional way of steeping tea to see the difference, but also experiment. I shopped all over ebay and online tea shops. My in-laws are going on a cruise in China later this year and I didn’t want to wait that long for a gaiwan. My Gaiwan came from Yunnan Sourcing’s US shop – I was attracted to the light … Continue reading, hoot!

Oolong Owl’s first blooming tea

Happy Easter 2013 everyone! I hope you are having amazing tea today! I don’t overload on sweets on Easter, the day after Easter I do as I raid all the grocery stores cheap leftover easter candy! Muhahahaaa! Anyways, my first blooming tea! I HORDE blooming teas. I have a bunch that I never used. My husband bought me a bunch at the LA Farmer’s Market. They were really cheap. I might as well use one to test out this tea pot. In fact, I dunno what flavor this one is. Alright! Let’s go! I had to read up how to … Continue reading, hoot!

Tea Additions – Adding more flavor to your tea without sweeteners

Wanna add some extra tasty to your tea without adding sugar? Does your tea unfortunately fall flat on flavorings? Need some extra spice in your staple cup of tea? Try some of my tea addition suggestions! 1. Vanilla Bean Pod Say what? This sounds expensive! I buy my vanilla bean pods from, which you can get a big package for cheaper than 4 single pods at a grocery store. I originally got the pods for making my own vanilla extract, however sometimes I use the pods for baking. When using a pod, you slit the vanilla bean open, scrape out of the inner goodies … Continue reading, hoot!

RIP my cute sakura tea pot

/Sad owl My sakura print tea pot broke. ;___; What had happen was I was cleaning my pot. I had done a bit of baking soda scrub to get out the tea stains on the inside, as well as cleaning the spout. The baking soda made the pot slippery and it fell into the sink. And broke. I love having a 2 or 3 serving tea pot instead of a large mug as my tea stays hotter. The crappy part is that I’ve broken a couple of these pots already as I’m a klutz and these pots go through quite … Continue reading, hoot!