How to Make an Easy Tea Latte

Did you say TEA LATTE? OOOH YEAH! Tea lattes are delicious and easy to make! They also bring life to that cup of dessert tea you’ve gotten tired of. I’ve also found some teas are only good as lattes. This is how I make my tea lattes. I know other people who boil their milk in a pot with their tea and strain – I tried that and that was one extra pot I didn’t want to clean. Lets get this party started! Well, this is a fast tea latte for one, so it’s a small party. 1. Pick your … Continue reading, hoot!

My Tea Tale – How I got into tea

My first post for this blog, wooot! So, I was raised on teas. My mom drank mostly asian diet and beauty teas, often every evening after dinner. My family often would go to chinese restaurants very often and I’d drink tall glasses of pu-erh, or share a couple pots of tea that spun around the lazy susan in the middle of the table. My dad, a huge Star Trek buff, the minute he saw Captain Picard on TNG order “Earl Grey, Hot” stocked bagged earl grey teas and drank it on occasion. As an adult, I wasn’t a coffee drinker. I’d drink … Continue reading, hoot!