Hooty Tea Travels – Oolong Owl’s first visit to the Seattle International District

International District Seattle - Oolong Owl Tea (2)

A few months back I visited the Seattle International District, looking for tea. I was meeting a friend, but I made good time enough to check out the scene… …and have a slice of green tea, taro, and chocolate mousse cake at a bakery. The highlight was two tea shops in the area – New Century Tea Gallery and Seattle’s Best Tea. Both shops have an online website, but it doesn’t give it justice to actually visiting the shop. While I was in the International District I found another two tea shops, one wasn’t open yet, and the other didn’t … Continue reading, hoot!

Sunday Tea Hoots 24 – The Summer Seattle Tea Party

sunday tea hoots 24 (4)

I drafted the bulk of this blog post at 3:11 am Sunday, as I was unable to sleep. The day before, Saturday, I had a big housewarming / potluck style / husband birthday / bbq / tea party. The food was crazy as I purchased a whole Filipino lechon pig. Plus I made lumpia, tea sous vide salmon, desserts, and friends who brought awesome vegetable dishes. Parties are stressful and tiring to host but I prepped as much as I could in advance so all I had to do was deal with some appetizers and the salmon. I also coped by starting a solo tea party early with … Continue reading, hoot!

Oolong Owl’s Tea Beauty Product Collection Summer 2016

oolongowl tea beauty 1 2016 (5)

I do not mention it much on Oolong Owl, but I am a bit of a beauty junkie. I got well over a hundred nail polishes and my lip stick stash is starting to look a little out of control. My hand lotion stash is so bad you likely can go to every room in my house and find hand lotion. Like health benefits, I’m not particularly sold on tea adding anything special to my beauty products. However, since I love tea I am drawn to tea ingredients or themes for all my other products. While I was packing and unpacking my … Continue reading, hoot!

Sunday Tea Hoots 23 – Owls in the Park

sunday tea hoots 23 - oolong owl tea (4)

Not too long ago I decided to be a tourist in my new city of Seattle. I visited the Woodland Park Zoo mostly because there are owls there. All I wanted was to see the owls and eat garlic waffle fries. I went with a flask full of White2Tea Bang Dong Hong, a DSLR camera, and my husband who ate 2 orders of waffle garlic fries. Before I encountered the owls, I had to walk through the entire place where I encountered other critters to practice my camera skills. Zoom lens to get right up in the bear’s grill! Wolf sighted, I … Continue reading, hoot!

Hooty Tea Travels – Floating Leaves Tea in Seattle Part 1/2

Floating leaves tea - Oolong Owl (12)

Since arriving in Seattle, I have visited Floating Leaves Tea twice – the place is just that cool! Floating Leaves Tea is located in the Ballard area of Seattle.  Ballard is a little out of the way to get to from downtown Seattle, but once you are there it is a fun area with lots of interesting shops and food. Floating Leaves Tea’s shop is small, but the first time I walked in I was greeted by the scent of roasted tea – the owner Shiuwen was roasting some oolong in the shop! Fresh roasted tea has such a nice smell! … Continue reading, hoot!

Hooty Tea Travels – Phoenix Tea Shop in Seattle

phoenix tea shop - oolong owl (1)

A tea friend and I visited a couple Seattle tea shops while she was in town. First on our list was Phoenix Tea Shop, which is located in a quirky area of Seattle called Burien. Outside the tea shop, whoa check out that amazing mural! I was told Phoenix Tea specializes in dark teas, however they had quite a selection of other teas. They had some whole heichas and some pu’er cakes. There was a number of teas I recognized as they were sourced from Yunomi, Yunnan Sourcing, and Tealet. They also had some interesting teas such as a line … Continue reading, hoot!

Oolong Owl’s World Tea Expo 2016 Hooty Haul

World Tea Expo 2016 Haul - oolong owl (2)

Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3 This is it – the World Tea Expo 2016 HAUL! I flew down with a half empty (un-expanded) carry on suitcase. I got too much stuff that I had to mail a large flat rate home, plus smuggle in tea that didn’t fit in the box in my sweater as the airline were pretty firm on 2 bags only. I also bought something that TSA would of hated. I shipped my box Friday afternoon at the Las Vegas airport. My box arrived Monday afternoon! Upon opening… sad owl… something exploded. Upon investigation, … Continue reading, hoot!

Sunday Tea Hoots 22 – Tea Binge and Withdrawal

Sunday tea hoots 22 - wte after (1)

I’ve recently come back from the World Tea Expo. I’ve now done three World Tea Expos and the days after seem to go the same. For three days you drink (well at least I drink) an insane amount of tea – a true long weekend binge drinking of just tea. You got samples to taste at every booth and likely you will be trying more than one of their teas, or multiple steepings. The Expo ends at 5:30pm, and likely one just continues drinking tea to stay awake for the evening of checking out the strip, conquering Vegas buffets, or in … Continue reading, hoot!

Oolong Owl Hoots the World Tea Expo 2016 – Day 3

World Tea Expo day 3 - Oolong Owl (8)

Day 1 | Day 2 | Haul Last day of WTE is usually a short and slow one. This year was different as there was still plenty of action going on. I did a couple walk throughs of the whole place to make sure I saw everything, but also wandering to see anything being sold and connecting with friends. There was one booth, Royal Tea New York, that I must of walked by for two days and didn’t notice until the puer detection sensors went off when they where unwrapped a puer cake. This is a wholeseller, however it turns out they have pressed their own spring 2016 sheng … Continue reading, hoot!

Oolong Owl Hoots the World Tea Expo 2016 – Day 2

World Tea Expo 2016 Day 2 - oolong owl (20)

Day 1 | Day 3 | Haul I barely slept last night – it might of been the insane amounts of caffeine I drank the day before, excited nervousness, or just the strangeness of staying at Circus Circus. When people ask me how this year’s World Tea Expo has been going, I’ve been saying it has been really busy for me. I’m struggling to get to each booth and I’ve noticed sellers have been doing a great effort as I’ve been at each booth much longer than previous years. Today I had some really unique teas and experiences that made this day … Continue reading, hoot!