Sunday Tea Hoots 26 – I Felt My Kidneys

I felt my kidneys yesterday. Yesterday was a full on tea day and binge. The day started with me going to Floating Leaves Tea for a Bulang mountain puer tasting class. So far I have only wrote about the High Mountain tasting event, but I have also attended a Nannuo puer and Phoenix Dancong tasting class, all very educational with great tea! Here was the tasting pile for Bulang! Going in I expected some really bitter puer typical of Bulang, however we also had some Bulang area puer that had so much energy or feels of being jolted awake. The Bulang on the … Continue reading, hoot!

Sunday Tea Hoots 25 – Puer Storage Drama

For the last Sunday Tea Hoot I mentioned briefly at the end that I got a new Pumidor. For the new puer people, a “pumidor” is a vessel that stores puer in a controlled environment. Fridges do well as pumidors as they are well insulated, thus make pretty stable environments. Anyways, I am here to tell you all my tale of my puer storage drama. I have never talked about how I store my puer since it has always been in a state of learning, then limbo, or “something better was coming.” In my early days of puer (which you … Continue reading, hoot!

Sunday Tea Hoots 24 – The Summer Seattle Tea Party

I drafted the bulk of this blog post at 3:11 am Sunday, as I was unable to sleep. The day before, Saturday, I had a big housewarming / potluck style / husband birthday / bbq / tea party. The food was crazy as I purchased a whole Filipino lechon pig. Plus I made lumpia, tea sous vide salmon, desserts, and friends who brought awesome vegetable dishes. Parties are stressful and tiring to host but I prepped as much as I could in advance so all I had to do was deal with some appetizers and the salmon. I also coped by starting a solo tea party early with … Continue reading, hoot!

Sunday Tea Hoots 23 – Owls in the Park

Not too long ago I decided to be a tourist in my new city of Seattle. I visited the Woodland Park Zoo mostly because there are owls there. All I wanted was to see the owls and eat garlic waffle fries. I went with a flask full of White2Tea Bang Dong Hong, a DSLR camera, and my husband who ate 2 orders of waffle garlic fries. Before I encountered the owls, I had to walk through the entire place where I encountered other critters to practice my camera skills. Zoom lens to get right up in the bear’s grill! Wolf sighted, I … Continue reading, hoot!

Sunday Tea Hoots 22 – Tea Binge and Withdrawal

I’ve recently come back from the World Tea Expo. I’ve now done three World Tea Expos and the days after seem to go the same. For three days you drink (well at least I drink) an insane amount of tea – a true long weekend binge drinking of just tea. You got samples to taste at every booth and likely you will be trying more than one of their teas, or multiple steepings. The Expo ends at 5:30pm, and likely one just continues drinking tea to stay awake for the evening of checking out the strip, conquering Vegas buffets, or in … Continue reading, hoot!

Sunday Tea Hoots 21 – Unpacking

My stuff is in my new house! Since Tuesday I have been unpacking, meeting with maintenance people, and carrying groceries/supplies by foot as I have no car yet. All my tea things are gathered in the family room, ready to unpack. I have not yet unpacked anything as my shelving isn’t put together yet. Yeah, that is a lot of tea stuff. That is almost 100% tea stuff in those 7 boxes, 3 under bed plastic tubs, assorted tins, bags, wrapped stuff, and puer in a jammed carry-on sized suitcase. This isn’t counting the Tea Owls of course, they are in … Continue reading, hoot!

Sunday Tea Hoots 20 – Moving in!

Success, permanent Seattle housing acquired! I’m officially here to stay. I am in the process of moving my things from my airbnb to my house. I moved the suitcase of pu’er first, I figured I would have little time for pu’er sessions during the move. So far all I have been drinking is 2016 black teas I got from Yunnan Sourcing in a travel tumbler and bumming around for water and wifi. By the way, I enjoyed staying at my airbnb – my host has this mega tea pot that is likely more than half gallon/2 liters. This is tea pot is bigger than … Continue reading, hoot!

Sunday Tea Hoots 19 – I’m tired of using the same gaiwan

I’ve been in Seattle for 3 weeks, time is certainly flying by. I’ve been spending most of my time walking around town carrying groceries and running errands, I get 17k steps a day without even trying. On weekends we’ve been touring houses, put a few bids on things, lost some, but finally won something last week! Hopefully the process goes smoothly and we’ll move in a few weeks. That said, it looks like I’ll be bumming around corporate housing and then Airbnb until we can get in the house. Unfortunately, my stuff will stay in storage until we can move in … Continue reading, hoot!

Sunday Tea Hoots 18 – Hello Hoot from Seattle

I finally arrived in Seattle! I had a number of stressful days during the move. I have a big tea and tea ware collection, so I was nervous letting movers pack it, yet they know how to pack and it is insured that way so it is best to let them do the packing. I did lurk by the tea stash and watched them pack which made me feel better. What scared me was the sheer amount of tea ware I had squirreled away and how many boxes it took. This is all my tea ware, and these boxes are … Continue reading, hoot!

Sunday Tea Hoots 17 – Moving Fatality

Well this happened, the first fatality of my long distance move. Actually, I wasn’t even moving this tea pot yet, it was chilling on the tea table. The tea pot has been sitting on the tea table to dry before I was going to pack it into a box. I approached my tea table and the clay tea pot was broken, most of the pieces scattered on the table, with a few bits off the side of the tea table. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I was more baffled about what the hell happened to break the tea pot as it obviously did not fall … Continue reading, hoot!