Sunday Tea Hoots 16 – Moving Tea Woes

Hi Tea Readers! I just dropped my husband off, who is heading to Seattle to start his new job. I’m lurking back here in Long Beach to finish up the move, and in 2 weeks I’ll be in Seattle. I was pretty busy the last few weeks going through things worth moving, and visiting friends and family. We went as far as driving up to Utah for a few days to see the Grandmother in Law. Black Tea Owl had a great time being on the road. One of the huge stressful things about me moving is my tea, specifically the … Continue reading, hoot!

Sunday Tea Hoots 15 – Oolong Owl is moving to Seattle!

First I go on vacation, then I get hella sick. However now another thing has come up – Tea Hating Husband got a new job, it is in Seattle, and he is starting in 2 weeks. That said, we are moving! So far it has been a huge scramble trying to organize things, as when you live somewhere for so long you acquire a lot of stuff. My husband hasn’t moved much so he’s got even more things *cough 6′ in laser discs cough*. Since we are on a short time frame, there’s lots going on here. The Tea Owls have been … Continue reading, hoot!

Sunday Tea Hoots 14 – Sick Tea. What tea to drink while sick?

I recently came back from Vancouver. Unfortunately, like every freaking time I go on vacation or leave town, I come home and get violently sick. This time around I thought I was going to break the curse as I didn’t get sick right away (plus I’m from Vancouver, I should be used to the germs) to suddenly get attacked a few days after, and me getting progressively worse and worse each day. Today feels like the worst, like my chest is going to birth a snot baby. I’m generally pretty active, I get my arbitrary 10k steps a day and weight lift 56 … Continue reading, hoot!

Sunday Tea Hoots 13 – Tea Table Flowers

As an checkout impulse buy at the Asian Supermarket, I bought a narcissus bulb in a water dish. I’m pretty bad at plants, I’m alright with succulents as I can propagate them faster than I can kill them and I can keep a lucky bamboo alive, so I figure I could give this narcissus a go. I placed it behind my tea table for a more interesting background, whereas most of the background is my paper towel holder, blow torch, and tupperware containers. In a few days, it bloomed pretty white star shaped flowers with yellow middles! Interesting background indeed! … Continue reading, hoot!

Sunday Tea Hoots 12 – Post Hootmas

Hooty-Claus came and now Hootmas is done and I have gathered a bunch of my presents. Really, what do you give a tea drinker who has a lot of tea and is quite particular about tea and their tea ware, plus their husband has told everyone not to gift her any more tea pots? Tea pot puzzle! Wow, look at all those pretty tea pots! Looks like Bits and Pieces is place to get this tea pot puzzle. and ALL THE OWL THINGS! Owl ornaments. My Christmas tree is already heavy in owl, this year, more owl! My husband got me … Continue reading, hoot!

Sunday Tea Hoots 11 – NaNoWriMo Day 29

Boom, did it, 50k words written for NaNoWriMo! #NaNoWinner2015! I like to thank the powers of Shou Pu’er for this writing win. I have a box full of pu’er samples and I drank down every shou pu’er sample I had and badly dented one of my aged oolong stashes to fuel writing this thing. Funny as I last week that I knew I was going to finish despite not having an actual real story title nor a book cover. Apparently having a cover increases your chance of finishing writing 50k words by 60%. More funny is that half my secondary … Continue reading, hoot!

Sunday Tea Hoots 10 – Crutches and Tea

This week has been crazy in Oolong Owl land. I had the unfortunate accident on Tuesday night were my body went one way and my ankle another way. Then I spent a large chunk of my Wednesday in urgent care. Turns out I have a sprained ankle that everyone was surprised wasn’t broken and now I’m in crutches and an itchy ankle splint. I discovered that it is impossible to carrying things while using a pair of crutches at the same time, and I also have to scale a twisted flight of stairs all the time. It isn’t in the Tea Owl’s … Continue reading, hoot!

Sunday Tea Hoots 9 – Birthday Owl

Yesterday was my birthday and I got into all sorts of hyjinx. First off, DIM SUM! Hoot, who ordered the chicken feet? Once I got back, I had a few hours to drink, usually enough time for my usual chug down an entire session and get crazy while writing. I decided to crack into my sample of White2Tea’s 2015 Last Thoughts. A tea friend gave me a 7.5 gram serving. Reading into it, I probably should of went with a 3 gram session in my tiny ~75ml gaiwan due to tea potency, however I wasn’t thinking about that. I wanted some extravagant … Continue reading, hoot!

Sunday Tea Hoots 8 – NaNoWriMo Hoot, Day 1

I thought I wasn’t going to do this again. NaNoWriMo. National Novel Writing Month. This event has your write a 50,000 novel, or at least jump start on one. The point is to just get the ideas down. Broken down, writing 50k words isn’t too bad as it’s just 1,667 words a day. If you follow NaNoWriMo communities or their newsletters, people get together and write of all ages writing their great insert-country novel. Some even publish theirs. I participated in 2012 NaNoWriMo and “won”. Winning NaNoWriMo means I got 50,000 words written that month. Actually the last day was a … Continue reading, hoot!

Sunday Tea Hoots 7 – Matcha Ranting

I recently finished doing some matcha tasting work. Matcha has been on my mind a lot as matcha is the big trend now. Tea companies are pushing it, adding weird flavors it it (cheese pizza matcha yo), and selling it as magical cure to all your problems. I’ve been reviewing it and tea companies that aren’t exclusive matcha sellers are scratching their heads wondering if there matcha is any good and scrambling to find better. I’ve drank so much matcha this year that it is simply crazy and potentially damaging to my body. I also been drinking so much matcha I still … Continue reading, hoot!