Sunday Tea Hoots 3 – Being a Canadian Tea Drinker in the US

Sunday Tea Hoots - Canadian Tea

With it recently being Canada Day (July 1st) and living in the US, I was thinking what it was like being a Canadian Tea Drinker. There’s a sort of pride in being a Canadian Tea drinker and being set apart from our North American neighbour. Before my obsessive tea drinking days begun – I had heard that tea sold in Canada was better quality as 1. We get the British stuff and 2. Canadians will not drink crappy tea. I googled around for proof. Right off the bat the two big tea bag brands – Red Rose and Tetley pop up … Continue reading, hoot!

Sunday Tea Hoots 2 – Dad

Oolong Owls Sunday Tea Hoots 2 - Dad (2)

I had something else planned to post for Oolong Owl’s Sunday Tea Hoots but then realized it was Father’s Day today. Plus June 21 is also my Dad’s birthday. Poor guy, often Father’s Day is in the June 20s so he gets stuck with the same double duty gift! I don’t think my dad really reads Oolong Owl, but that is okay he has an excuse. My dad is legally blind so he’s not that computer friendly. He can somewhat get by with a iPad, mostly for email, taking photos, playing games and watching videos I send him. (You want to … Continue reading, hoot!

Sunday Tea Hoots 1 – Tea Drunk Yoga

Oolong Owls Sunday Tea Hoots 1 (2)

Welcome to the first installment of Oolong Owl’s “Sunday Tea Hoots”. Sunday Tea Hoots is about Oolong Owl life randomness related to tea! Tea Drunk Yoga I’ve been dabbling in Yoga on and off for years. This year I’ve been really pushing to re-composition my body as married life has led me to enjoy baking and eating a little too much. I am doing a bunch of stuff with success, but that could be another Sunday Tea Hoot. To do a bit more, I decided to do Yoga more regularly. I’m on a 30 day yoga challenge, which I’ve almost completed (eehhh … Continue reading, hoot!