Unsmoked Lapsang Souchong from 3 Leaf

3 leaf unsmoked lapsang souchong - oolong owl (6)

Today’s review is a newer offering from 3 Leaf – a seller that has expanded a loose leaf tea line. When I was introduced to them, they did pretty good flavored matchas. I was excited to see Unsmoked Lapsang Souchong. Unsmoked Lapsang Souchong is an uncommon find. “Regular” Lapsang Souchong is a very common find in most loose leaf tea shops here in North America as it is a very western taste bud friendly tea. I know many people who love the intense smokey flavor, plus Lapsang Souchong is one of the most common teas to cook with. If you … Continue reading, hoot!

3 Leaf Tea’s Flavored Matchas – Tea Review

Matcha seems to be getting really popular these days as I see it starting to be sold by many tea sellers. I love flavored matchas – I own a bunch of different flavors with a couple different tea sellers. I don’t often prepare matchas in the traditional whisk/chasen, despite owning the tools. I think bubble/boba tea and Starbucks Green Tea lattes taste so good to me, that I prefer to make matcha as a milk shake blended with ice and milk. With that said, I love a good flavored matchas, it’s a delicious treat. 3 Leaf Tea is a new tea … Continue reading, hoot!