Matcha Ninja Cold Brew Matcha

If you follow my matcha reviews, I can be pretty unforgiving about matcha. Honestly, the concept of “Cold Brew Matcha” was a laugh to me. There is nothing stopping anyone from just adding matcha powder to ice water and call it cold brewed. There is no brewing time with matcha, it is already ground up and an instant product. I drink cold matcha all the time when I’m lazy, it is hot, or I got crappy matcha, as cold brings out the sweetness. I came across Matcha Ninja, who makes cold brew matcha, and had a question for them. I … Continue reading, hoot!

Cusa Tea – Premium Instant Tea Review

I came across Cusa Tea at the World Tea Expo. I was reluctant to try as instant tea is generally not that great, and I’ve had a few run ins with other instant tea sellers who disliked my review as they claimed their tea is better than loose leaf tea (like whaaaat?). I had a sample as was actually pretty impressed with Cusa Tea’s product, which is fast tea for people on the go. What sets Cusa Tea apart from the other instant teas is the material is all USDA organic. They also use a different method to instant their tea by … Continue reading, hoot!

Tisano Chocolate Tea Review

I have a bad sweet tooth. As much as I drink all this oolong and puer, I still like having tea that tastes like sweets in hope that saves me from eating a slice of cake. Maybe. Tisano sent me a bunch of their Chocolate Tea to try and their product sounded very interesting. Tisano Chocolate tea is 100% pure organic cacao shell with no flavorings – that said, a caffeine free tisane. Dry Bits I was expected a handful of cacao nibs, but instead I got these thin curls of bean. These are technically cacao shells made by some special … Continue reading, hoot!

Yuve Ceremonial Matcha – Tea Review

At this point of my matcha drinking life, I’ve reviewed a lot of matcha that I don’t have time for bad matcha. I also seem to have a low tolerance for bad matcha after experiencing so much of it. It seems if I am reviewing a matcha stand alone, it has to be good. Today’s matcha is from Yuve. They have a website, and sell their matcha on Amazon. The Amazon site for this matcha has a lot of buzzwords like “Superfood/Gluten Free/Raw/Sugar Free/Vegan/Detox/No Lead/More potent than Green Tea Diet Pills”. What information that is useful to us is this is June 2016 batch, … Continue reading, hoot!

2005 Ruyi LongRun Shou Puer from LongRun Tea – Tea Review

Today’s tea is the 2005 Ruyi LongRun Shou Puer. I snagged this cake at the World Tea Expo 2016 but it is available on Amazon! This puer is Lingcang material. I had asked LongRun what was their oldest shou was and they directed me to this 357 gram cake. 2005 is actually the date they rewrapped this tea. They bought a factory and these cakes were part of that acquisition, so likely they are older. I went blind on this one as I got a deal and was hoping for some good old shou. Dry Leaf and Steeping Method The 2005 Ruyi … Continue reading, hoot!

LongRun 2007 HeXin Shou Puer Tuocha – Tea Review

I bought this LongRun 2007 HeXin Shou Puer Tuocha while I was at the World Tea Expo 2016. Similar to my other purchase from LongRun teas, this tea was stamped one year, but they stated it was another. They had explained to me that these were rewraps from a factory they had purchased, and they couldn’t stamp it older than when they acquired it. I’ve reviewed LongRun (also known as Spring Teas) before – they are of interest to many as their teas are available on Amazon. I mostly bought this puer as the price was right (showroom price) and … Continue reading, hoot!

Zendori Ceremonial Matcha – Tea Review

Matcha time! Zendori Matcha sent me a tin to review and I took forever to find where I put it during my moves around Seattle. Zendori does sell their matcha on Amazon, yay! Free shipping and Prime for fast matcha hookups. This is the regular matcha. Zendori also sells a cheaper culinary grade, organic culinary grade and organic ceremonial. I tend to favor non-organic matcha as the quality tends to be better. They admit the organic one tastes different: “Conventional matcha has a vibrant green color and has a more full-bodied flavor, while organic is a bit lighter in flavor … Continue reading, hoot!

2011 Longrun Jasmine Puer – Tea Review

This was one the World Tea Expo 2015 finds and an impulse buy. When I bought this Jasmine Sheng I thought it was a shou and in that moment jasmine shou sounded cool. Then when I was checking up online I learned what I got was actually a sheng. My 2011 Longrun Jasmine Puer is a 100 gram mini cake. It is Yunnan origin and that is all the information I can find on this tea. By the way, Longrun pu’er is available on So far the Longrun pu’er I’ve gotten has been decent, so if you want tea off Amazon I’d … Continue reading, hoot!

Tea Lovers Organic Ceremonial Matcha from My Matcha Life

More matcha, what else is new here at Oolong Owl? I got so much matcha here, but I end up drinking it at least 4 times a week so at least I’m getting through it all. Today’s review is from My Matcha Life. They sell on their site, but also on Amazon. I know you guys love Amazon for tea since you can use those amazon gift cards. My Matcha Life has a few different matchas, this one is the Tea Lover’s Organic Ceremonial Matcha, but they also have a culinary and a latte grade matcha. On the My Matcha … Continue reading, hoot!

Organic Ceremonial Matcha from First Harvest Tea

It certainly feels weird for me to review just a single matcha and not 20 of them at once, as the last 4 matcha reviews I’ve done all are huge comparison ones. Today’s review is a matcha from an online seller based in Nevada, First Harvest Tea. At this time, they just have a single matcha for sale, the Organic Ceremonial Matcha, and a free matcha recipe ebook. First Harvest Organic Ceremonial Matcha is also available on Amazon! This matcha is from Shizuoka, Japan. It is Certified Organic by the JAS-JONA & USDA. Matcha Powder and Preparation The matcha powder is a light … Continue reading, hoot!