Art of Tea Oolong Review

Today’s review is four oolongs from Art of Tea – Rose Oolong, 12:00 PM, Orchid Oolong, and Wuyi Oolong. I haven’t had Art of Tea in awhile, but I recall them having some pretty nice teas oolongs like Mandarin Silk and 99% Oxidized Purple Oolong. Rose Oolong – The dry leaf has a strong rose scent, up there on that potpourri vibe. For the reviews today, I did western style, but I also used my grandpa mug (The Wall by Boreal Wildcraft) so I can get an extended infusion for fun. For this oolong, I steeped 5 grams, 200F for … Continue reading, hoot!

Fleury Doux Champagne Tea from Art of Tea – Oolong Owl Tea Review

Fleury Doux Champagne is an organic white peony and ceylon black tea blend with rose petals and muscatel grape flavor. This fancy tea blend is sold by Art of Tea, US tea seller. This is one of those tea blends I couldn’t pass up. Something about mixing teas, like white + black or green + black I find fun to try. The teas combined are on different levels, requiring different treatments, how do they make the blend work without it being over steeped? Why do they need to add the second tea? Ah, tea blender fun that I’m happy to … Continue reading, hoot!

99% Oxidized Purple Oolong from Art of Tea – Tea Review

99% Oxidized Purple Oolong is a unique oolong from Sumatra, Indonesia. This tea is sold by Art of Tea. *Oolong Week!* I’ll be reviewing Oolong teas all this week. Yeah, I started late, it was a holiday weekend!  I am really interested in this tea. I’ve heard mostly about oolongs from Taiwan, but not Indonesia. However, the biggest selling point is it is a “purple” oolong. Purple is my favorite colour! Purple Owl here also loves purple! DRY LEAF: 99% Oxidized Purple Oolong has a gentle smokey scent. The appearance is quite interesting – it has that tightly bunched oolong look, but with a deep … Continue reading, hoot!

Jasmine Blueberry from Art of Tea – Tea Review

Jasmine Blueberry is a floral and fruity green tea blend from Art of Tea. DRY LEAF: Interestingly, the dry leaf smells mostly like blueberries! Just a smidgen of jasmine scent. The dry leaf consists of tightly spun dark green tea accented with dime sized blueberries, with the odd jasmine bud. STEEPED: I followed the steeping instructions of 185F for 5 minutes. Geeze, I haven’t steeped a tea for this long for awhile. While I wait 5 minutes, I grabbed a jellyfish to share my tea with. In the end, I was left with a brown gold cup of tea, that smells interestingly … Continue reading, hoot!

Liquid Jade from Art of Tea – Tea Review

Liquid Jade is an organic green and white blend with bergamont. This award winning blend is from Art of Tea. When I saw this tea in Art of Tea‘s lineup I was intrigued. I do love “fresh” teas that add some relief to this dry, hot California weather. Let’s give this tea a try! DRY LEAF: Liquid Jade, from the package, smells lightly of bergamont. Yum! The tea leaves are a mix of varying shades of green and brown. STEEPED: After 3 minutes of steeping at 175F I had a classic golden cup of tea that smells fresh, grassy, citrusy and a little … Continue reading, hoot!