2010 Kang Yang Chun Liu An Tea from Bana Tea Company

For my last Bana Tea Company order, I bought  2010 Kang Yang Chun Liu An on a whim. I don’t own any Liu An so I wanted to play with it. I didn’t want to go all in on a basket, as cool as they look. This particular tea’s material was selected by Tea Master Vesper Chan. I’ve found most teas I’ve had of his were great, so it was a safe purchase. The 100 gram option is packaged in plastic inside a box. Dry Leaf and Steeping Method The dry leaf scent is of tires and red grapes. I haven’t … Continue reading, hoot!

2017 Little BingDao Sheng Puer from Bana Tea Company

I was excited to see that Bana Tea Company recently released some new teas. One of the teas was 2017 Little BingDao. Every BingDao tea I’ve had I’ve enjoyed a lot, so I swooped in and did a quick order at Bana Tea Company. 2017 Little BingDao is a 200 gram cake. The fine print is this tea isn’t a BingDao, but in adjacent to but also in Lincang. The cake came packaged in a box. Not sure if the boxes come standard as this is the first time I’ve ordered online from Bana Tea Company. I do miss going … Continue reading, hoot!

2008 Bana Tea Company Limited Edition Sheng – Tea Review

This tea was another Bana Tea Company purchase during my time at the 2015 Los Angeles Tea Festival. I don’t remember whether I sampled the 2008 Bana Tea Company Limited Edition sheng at the festival, but I’m not a hard upsell on a cake that is in the $50 range. The 2008 Bana Tea Company Limited Edition Sheng is a 200gram cake of Jinngu Mountain material. Dry Leaf The Limited Edition Sheng has a light sweet dry scent. This cake is also lightly pressed so it was fairly easy to break pieces off. The ticket wasn’t pressed with the tea but also came with … Continue reading, hoot!

2015 Bulang Raw Mini Cake from Bana Tea Company – Tea Review

I purchased the 2015 Bulang Raw Mini Cake from Bana Tea Company when I was at the LA International Tea Festival. I remember tasting the 2015 Bulang Shou at the Festival, but I ended up buying both as the shou was so good, plus the price was affordable. This Bulang sheng is a spring harvest from 100 year old trees. Dry Leaf The cake broke apart easily, so it is likely a stone/hand pressed cake. Steeping Instructions I tried doing a younger sheng treatment, so 200F, but I ended up using a slightly higher leaf of 1 gram to 14ml. I didn’t want to … Continue reading, hoot!

2015 Bulang Ripe Puer Mini Cake from Bana Tea Company

I purchased the 2015 Bulang Ripe Puer Mini Cake from the Los Angeles Tea Festival 2015. Bana Tea Company has excellent shou pu’er and the taster at the booth was lovely and the price was good for a little 100 gram cake, so I went for it. This bulang is a spring harvest from 100 year old trees from Bulang Mountain. The packaging is nice and simple, though had a chuckle with the translation it was from jungle trees. You have to go through Bana Tea Company’s site, but there you will find that the owner’s tea master is Tea Master Versper … Continue reading, hoot!

2013 Da Hong Pao Tea Blocks from Bana Tea Company – Tea Review

Bana Tea Company, that many of us love for their pu’er, also carries some oolongs. When I was at the LA Tea Festival I could not resist treating myself to a box of oolong. The Da Hong Pao Tea blocks is a 2013 spring tea, weighing in at 150 grams total. Packaging and Dry Leaf The Da Hong Pao oolong is pressed into serving sized squares that are easy to break off. I see this tea as a big chocolate bar! The oolong has a wonderful sweet roasty scent, yum! Bana Tea said each piece is around 8.5 but the corner … Continue reading, hoot!

2005 Denong Ginseng Scent Shou Puer from Bana Tea Company – Tea Review

Everything I’ve tried from Bana Tea Company has been excellent. When I was visiting the Los Angeles Interntional Tea Festival, I was ready to try more of Bana Tea’s offerings. I had mentioned to the owner than I LOVE the 2004 Denong Red label shou. She suggested that I would like this 2005 Denong Ginseng Scent Shou Pu’er. I was skeptical as I dislike ginseng teas for that weird licorice sweet taste, however I was reassured this pu’er didn’t have that taste, it was meant as a cooling sensation, so that was good enough for me. This one is also more … Continue reading, hoot!

2004 Denong Ripe Pu’er from Bana Tea Company – Tea Review

I purchased 2004 Denong Ripe Pu’er from Bana Tea Company back at the last Los Angeles International Tea Festival and have been drinking it since without telling anyone! All the pu’er samples I tried were really good but I got this particular ripe pu’er for interesting notes as well as it was popular and the last one. Haha! Dry Leaf 2004 Denong Ripe Pu’er ss presented in broken cake pieces as flat chunks. The pu’er is dark in colour and weighs light too. Steeping Instructions I need to switch it up as I usually use a gaiwan from Oolong Owl, so I used my ripe pu’er yixing … Continue reading, hoot!

Moonlight White from Jingmai Raw Pu’er from Bana Tea Company – Oolong Owl Tea Review

Moonlight White from Jingmai raw pu’er is a 2012 loose leaf raw pu’er. This tea is sold by Bana Tea Company, online pu’er seller located in California. I had the pleasure of sampling this tea at the 2013 Los Angeles Tea Festival. I had a cup of Moonlight White from Jingmai raw pu’er and thought about it throughout the entire time I was at the festival. I tried so many teas at the festival and had many bathroom trips. Before I left, I felt this tea was the gem of the tea festival and I had to buy it! As a side note … Continue reading, hoot!