Bitaco Colombian Black Tea – Tea Review

Bitaco is a tea seller I came across at the World Tea Expo 2015. What is interesting about Bitaco is that their teas are grown in Colombia! Awhile back I reviewed Bitaco’s Green tea line up.  Awesomely, they also have black teas! Similar to the green tea review, let’s drink the unflavored black before getting into the blends. All three teas I used 3 grams of tea and steeped it in boiling water for 3 minutes, western style brewing. Bitaco Colombian Black tea Tasting The dry leaf is long and wirey, similar to green, but a dark rich colour. The leaf … Continue reading, hoot!

Bitaco Colombian Green Tea – Tea Review

During the World Tea Expo 2015 I came across Colombian grown tea! It is always neat to see another region that has tea and to see the difference in taste due to the soil and environment. Today I’m going to review Bitaco‘s Colombian Green Tea. Tasting of Bitaco’s Colombian Green Teas Colombian Green Tea Let’s start off with the straight, unflavored green tea. That way we will have a base to taste the flavored tea blends. The leaf is long, thin and wirey. The potent smell of the leaf is quite marine and vegetal reminding me of Korean sejak. I did a western steep … Continue reading, hoot!