2013 Hummingbird Spring Jing Mai Sheng Puer from Bitterleaf Teas


I cannot say no to a jing mai material puer! Today’s review is Bitterleaf Teas’ 2013 Hummingbird Spring Jing Mai Sheng Puer. This puer is spring, gushu (old tree) material. Bitterleaf Teas sells their 2013 Hummingbird in a few different styles – sample, 357 gram cake, and mini coin 10 gram cakes. My sample is from a cake. Reports from my tea friends saw the coin form has smaller leaves so flavor could vary. Dry Leaf and Steeping Instructions The dry leaf smells sweet and floral. I love when puer samples give you a nice hunk of tea! Bitterleaf includes steeping instructions … Continue reading, hoot!

Year of the Monkey 2016 Spring Mengku from Bitter Leaf Teas


Ooooh yeah, more Bitter Leaf Tea! Today we are drinking Year of the Monkey 2016 Spring Mengku, a Lincang region arbor material sheng puer. This puer is promised to be a good starter puer due to low bitterness and a daily drinker. Dry Leaf and Steeping Method It is always cool when you get a prime sample piece – a perfect crescent of puer cake! The scent is strongly fruity and a little smokey. The leaf is heavy on the silver contrast, with some long leaves and some with long twig. I went with the usual steeping method, 1 gram to … Continue reading, hoot!

2016 Secret Garden Sheng Puer from Bitterleaf Teas


Bitterleaf Teas! This new puer seller has been high requested and lucky me Bitterleaf Teas contacted me and sent me goodies for me to hoot through. First up, Spring 2016 Secret Garden Sheng Puer, which is old tree jungle yiwu material. Jungle teas are so in. This tea is so jungle that apparently the teas are surrounded with banana trees. Maybe Jungle Owls? Secret Garden reminded me of this weird Garden tea I reviewed years ago. My tastes have certainly changed, but 10/10 would do it again due to weird factor. Dry Leaf and Steeping Method The scent of the puer is quite nice … Continue reading, hoot!