Rhubarb + Custard from Bluebird Tea Co. – Tea Review

Rhubarb + Custard is a red rooibos blend tea. This funky tea blend is from Bluebird Tea Co.   I love rhubarb! I’m very happy that rhubarb is back in season. My husband waited months and months for rhubarb to come in season, and I immediately made him 2 pies that he ate on his own. Sadly, it seems our local stores rhubarb is pretty sad looking nor could I grow it where I live now, thus rhubarb is a special treat. When I saw Bluebird Tea Co. had Rhubarb + Custard, I was like “OMG MUST BUY” even though this tea … Continue reading, hoot!

Ankara Apple from Bluebird Tea Co – tea review

Ankara Apple is a fruity spiced green tea from Bluebird Tea Co, an online tea seller from the UK. Bluebird Tea Co tea attracted a wild amigurumi bird/penguin.. thing! I saw Kitty Loves Tea review some teas from Bluebird Tea Co and I was all like “Man, I want to try these guys! They got really cool teas!” But, at the time they weren’t doing international shipping. After a number of us on Steepster saying “Hey, we want your teas!”, Bluebird Tea Co opened up international shipping. I ordered that same day (maybe within a few hours?) and snagged this Ankara Apple tea and another. This is … Continue reading, hoot!