Varietal Comparison – Sun Moon Lake from Cameron Tea

I am lucky enough to have a bunch of samples from Cameron Tea, who has multiple grades and varietals of the same tea. Today is a comparison of Sun Moon Lake, both competition grade, but different varietals – Ruby (TTES No. 18) and Assam (Assamica varietal from India Jaipur). Dang, I just realized they also have a Sun Moon Lake Formosa varietal as well – next time! Dry Leaf and Steeping Method For all photos, the Ruby is on the left, Assam on the right. Leaf wise, the two teas look pretty darn close. The Assam seems lighter as there is more leaf … Continue reading, hoot!

Will it Gongfu? Oolong Edition

We must ask the age old question…. Will it Gongfu? I’m sure it has been burning a hole in your gaiwan on whether non-gongfu typical teas will gongfu. There is quite a lot of things to cover, so just oolong for today. Will it Gongfu? Flavored Oolong I will be using Banana Oolong from 52 Teas. I admit, this tea is old and I need to drink it before it goes funky. However, this is a good blend that has things I like to see in a flavored tea – mostly tea (not trail mix), true to flavor, and does not have … Continue reading, hoot!

Premium Grade Taiwan Alishan High Mountain Oolong from Cameron Tea – Oolong Owl Tea Review

Taiwan Alishan High Mountain Oolong is a premium grade oolong grown at an altitdue of 1500m. This high quality oolong is from Cameron Tea, an online tea seller based in Taiwan. Cameron Tea has a small line up right now, but everything looks good quality, offering both premium and competition grade oolongs and black teas. It is HOT here in Southern California. Roasting hot and it’s only May! I hope all the out of towners heading to the World Tea Expo here at the end of the month will be ready for weather! As much as I want a higher caffeine … Continue reading, hoot!