2017 Storm Breaker Shou Puer from Crimson Lotus Tea

We dubbed Storm Breaker “Storm Wrecker” at the Northwest Tea Festival. I don’t think it helped that it was one of the last teas I had at the festival on both days, but this tea has a lot of energy for a shou puer! Before the festival, I bought a sample of 2017 Storm Breaker when it was released, but sat on it for a few weeks. I was told 2017 Storm Breaker has 65% fermentation, so this tea has a lot of room to settle in and age. My innards are clenching at the “2017”, “shou”, and “65%” giving … Continue reading, hoot!

2010 Black Gold Shou Puer from Crimson Lotus Tea

Sadly, I missed the tasting session of 2010 Black Gold shou puer at Crimson Lotus Tea‘s booth at the Northwest Tea Festival. I am not sure what I was doing, but a bunch of my tea friends was able to taste it. It wasn’t a big deal, as I bought a sample of Black Gold when it was released and it was sitting at home airing out. However, I heard multiple times that Black Gold was incredible so I was sad I missed a tasting without having to open my sample. There is no way I was going to blind … Continue reading, hoot!

2017 Nannuo Mini Mushroom Shou Puer from Crimson Lotus Tea

I had a session of 2017 Nannuo Mini Mushroom Shou Puer when I met up with Crimson Lotus Tea doing tastings at Phoenix Tea. I was impressed with the shou and was given three shrooms to play with. I was warned that one mushroom is plenty for a session, but I can try two at my own risk. I drank all three Nannuo Mini Mushrooms and had to have more. I beelined to their booth at the Northwest Tea Festival and bought 2 packages. The 2017 Nannuo Mini Mushrooms is made up of a blend of aged material, some as old … Continue reading, hoot!

2016 Space Girls Sheng Puer from Crimson Lotus Tea

So either it was my slow owl butt at reviewing things or people went ham on buying out all the Crimson Lotus Tea’s 2016 Space Girls sheng. I had the review written, then saw it was sold out, and stalled on posting even longer. Then I thought I shouldn’t let my tasting notes go to waste, and at least you all can get more of an idea of Crimson Lotus Tea’s tastes. EDIT: There was a restock!  There are more Space Girls! GO GO GO! What is unique about 2016 Space Girls Sheng Puer, in particular, is there are 4 … Continue reading, hoot!

2015 That’s No Moon Shou Puer from Crimson Lotus Tea

I purchased 2015 That’s No Moon Shou Puer from Crimson Lotus Tea at release. I live close to Crimson Lotus Tea and tried this shou a few months back with them and enjoyed it. I’m not strong with the force (yet), so my wing waving and “You will sell this to me now,” did not work, thus I had to wait until Crimson Lotus finally listed it for sale on their online shop. I did not give this cake much rest as it literally went from Crimson Lotus Tea’s storage, to my car, to my tea table. This time I … Continue reading, hoot!

2016 Midas Touch Sheng Puer from Crimson Lotus Tea

I purchased a cake of Crimson Lotus Tea’s 2016 Midas Touch Sheng, since I enjoyed the 2015 one so much. The 2015 Midas Touch sold out so fast that I didn’t get my hands on it! That said, I bought this cake blind, not risking on losing out. I did review the 2015 Midas Touch, however it was a comparison piece with another Jingmai sheng… and I found that tea session most legendary for how tea drunk I got, so not the most accurate of reviews. I had to sit down at one point as the room spun. Owning the cake is … Continue reading, hoot!

2016 Jingmai Love from Crimson Lotus Tea – Tea Review

I always associate Crimson Lotus Tea for having excellent Jingmai sheng puer. Awesomely, Glen & Lamu, owners at Crimson Lotus Tea, gifted me a cake of the new Spring 2016 Jingmai LOVE sheng puer. Spring 2016 Jingmai LOVE is an affordable 200 gram hand blended puer cake. Stats on this puer is it is from Simao Prefecture, 1300m elevation, and wood fired. I love the design of Jingmai Love wrapper and greatly appreciate the back that clearly states the tea and seller. It saves the front for artwork, and I don’t have to tape more information to the wrapper or open … Continue reading, hoot!

2014 Iron Forge Shou Puer from Crimson Lotus Tea – Tea Review

Today’s tea review is Crimson Lotus Tea‘s 2014 Iron Forge Shou Puer. This pu’er is a huang pian (big leaf or not pretty leaf material) from Yiwu. Generally huang pian pu’er is cheaper, making it a really affordable option. This is reflected in Iron Forge, at this time $38 for 500g of tea! I seriously bought this tea because the name and packaging was awesome. I’ve been watching Glen from Crimson Lotus Tea make pu’er knives on Instagram, and it seems totally fitting to have a metal work feel. At the time of order, I had finished the season of Forged … Continue reading, hoot!

2014 Gu Ming Xiang “Bulang Gushu 2.0” Shou Pu’er – Crimson Lotus Tea

I was waiting for Crimson Lotus Tea to have a sale, and during Cyber Monday I put in an order for a bunch of their shous. My love for shou pu’er is growing stronger and stronger. I love Crimson Lotus Tea’s 2008 Bulang Shan Imperial Grade a lot and the 2012 Bulang Shan Gushu was awesome too. When I saw they got a new Bulang shou, 2014 Gu Ming Xiang “Bulang Gushu 2.0” I ordered a sample. It was really hard for me to not order the 1kg brick. 1kg size entertained me greatly but I managed to talk some sense into … Continue reading, hoot!

2008 Bulang Shan Imperial Grade Shou Pu’er from Crimson Lotus Tea – Tea Review

OH YES BULANG! I freaking love bulang ripes, the flavor profile of them makes me drool just thinking about it. Today’s review is the lovely 2008 Bulang Shan Imperial Grade Shou Pu’er from Crimson Lotus Tea. This tea I regret not trying sooner, after drinking this I’m eyeing buying a brick so hard that I’m sure they can feel it in Seattle. This tasting is a little different – I drank this tea while I was in Utah, so it was with spring water and a high altitude (7000 feet+) which effected the taste some. This review came out much later as I … Continue reading, hoot!