Apples and Molasses Black Tea from Della Terra Teas – Oolong Owl Tea Review

Apples and Molasses Black Tea is a blend of black tea, apple bits, spices, cloves and molasses flavor. This blend is from Della Terra Teas, online seller of fun tea blends. Della Terra Teas is based in Pennsylvania. I love molasses in baking, which I know is a little weird as I know many people avoid recipes with molasses. I find it adds an excellent richness and the best ginger cookies! A weird cultural shift from being a Canadian living in California is that molasses seems less popular here – when I need it for baking it is much harder for … Continue reading, hoot!

Peach Oolong from Della Terra Teas – Tea Review

Oolong Peach is an oolong and green tea blend featuring peach flavoring and rose hips. This tea blend comes from Della Terra Teas. I snagged this as a free sample with my Della Terra Teas order during one of those “30% off and free sample” deals. Nice sample size – enough for 2-3 cups of tea. DRY LEAF: Interesting dry leaf appearance – theres a mix of tightly bunched dark oolong with some longer thinner tea leaves, as well as some finer green tea pieces, along with a couple peachy colour rose buds. The smell of the dry leaf is sweet like peach … Continue reading, hoot!

Wonders of Kashmir from Della Terra Teas – Tea Review

Wonders of Kashmir is a unique white and green tea blend featuring sweet corn, pineapple, papaya and jasmine. This tea is from Della Terra Teas, an online tea seller of some really creative blends. I bought this tea purely on crazy unique value. Corn? Fruit? Jasmine? YEAH! DRY LEAF: Wonders of Kashmir features some nice big leafy tea mixed with large corn kernels and cubes of fruit. Giant corn! There’s only one jasmine bud in my entire 1 oz!  Kind of odd, I guess they wanted the jasmine to be really slight – I’m going to make sure it makes it way into … Continue reading, hoot!

Orange Brulee from Della Terra Teas – Tea Review

Orange Brulee is an oolong blend featuring caramel and creme flavoring with orange. This tea is from Della Terra Teas, an online tea seller of very interesting tea blends. You know, they need to do more oolong blends. Before I purchased this tea I was looking over my oolong collection – all floral with a hint of a fruit. I decided to try this one as the caramel elements in this tea sounded unique to me! DRY LEAF: The oolong tea is in large, but tight dry blobs accented with orange peels and cute squares of caramel. Love this pic! <3 … Continue reading, hoot!

The Perfect Pear from Della Terra Teas – Tea Review

The Perfect Pear is a black tea and pear blend from Della Terra Teas. Mmmm…. pear tea! I snagged this sample for free with my last Della Terra teas order. They have some really fantastic sales! 25 to 30% off, free shipping or free samples! Totally stalk their Facebook page to stay in the loop for their sales! This the a sample size from Della Terra – so I can get a couple cups of tea out of it. All their other sizes have steeping instructions, so I checked the website and wrote them on the back of my package. Really handy … Continue reading, hoot!

A Rabbits Garden from Della Terra Teas – Tea Review

A Rabbit’s Garden is a green tea blend featuring peas, corn, peaches, carrots and lemongrass. This very unique tea is from Della Terra Teas. When I saw the description for this tea I had to get it. What the??? PEAS? CORN? SIGN ME UP! Though I’m sure there’s some of you out there immediately would pass on this tea. I own a rabbit. In my teen years, I lived on a farm and we had Flemish giant bunnies – very big rabbits! In university I owned a Netherland Dwarf, Bunito, who lived for 8 years. As soon as I moved to … Continue reading, hoot!

Lemon Lime Cream Tart from Della Terra Teas – Tea Review

Lemon Lime Cream Tart is a rooibos and honeybush blend featuring lemon and lime bits and flavoring, along with cream and vanilla flavors. This caffeine free tea is from Della Terra Teas. I bought 2 oz of this tea. I knew it would probably be pretty good, since I love Della Terra Tea’s Lemon Chiffon. DRY LEAF: YOWZAAAA! This tea smells fantastic! It smells like sugary sweet citrus – more on the lime side. Really reminds me of a creamy lime mousse. /DROOOOOL STEEPED: Smells very creamy with a sweet citrus finish. Oh yeah! The appearance is a classic red-brown … Continue reading, hoot!

Strawberries & Cream from Della Terra Teas – Tea Review

Strawberries & Cream is a green and white tea blend from Della Terra Teas. Oh Della Terra Teas – your sales are amazing and I have a hard time resisting! I’ve done 2 orders in the last few weeks, plus winning a facebook drawing. There is no way I can pass up a strawberry cream green or white tea! DRY LEAF: Strawberry Candy smell – like a strawberry creamsicle! Nice red cubes of strawberries in this tea! STEEPED: Very tangy, sweet fruit smell coming from a pale yellow, slightly green tea! I did a 160F steep for 2 minutes. FYI, The … Continue reading, hoot!

Pineapple Upside Down Cake from Della Terra Teas – Tea Review

Pineapple Upside Down Cake is a black tea blend that tastes just like the name. This tea blend comes from Della Terra Teas, an online loose leaf tea seller. FYI – Della Terra has AMAZING and creative black tea blends. They do other teas, but the bulk of their lineup is black teas. Their chocolate teas are very chocolately and their marshmallow teas are extremely well done! Della Terra also has lots of good sales – for last black friday, in my opinion, had the best deal going out of all the online tea sellers. (I’m a tea nerd, I write … Continue reading, hoot!