Tencha Kuki Houjicha from Den’s Tea – Tea Review

I was buying some teapots off Den’s Tea and this Tencha Kuki Houjicha Green tea was impluse purchased.  Out of all the green teas, I like houjicha – it’s got that roasty richer flavor I like, plus easy brewing. This Houjicha sounded quite different as it is roasted tencha stems. (Tencha is the tea material to make Matcha). I haven’t ordered of Den’s Tea in years. They are a great SoCal Japanese tea seller, I’ve seen them a few times at local tea festivals and their teas sometimes at local stores when I was in California. If you are looking … Continue reading, hoot!

Gyokuro Kin from Den’s Tea – Tea Review

Gyokuro Kin is a top grade japanese tea from Den’s Tea, a Japanese green tea seller. This is my first time trying Gyokuro! I got this tea as a sample. But seriously, I don’t think I’d buy it just to try it. At this time, it’s $14 for 2 oz.  Den’s Tea also sells a more expensive gyokuro, Gyokuro Suimei at $23 for 2 oz. With that said, I’m very happy to have a sample of this tea! I was terrified I’d mess up steeping this tea and ending up with an expensive teeny cup of bitter hell. I’ll do my best! DRY LEAF: … Continue reading, hoot!

Sakura Sencha from Den’s Tea – Tea Review

Sakura Sencha is a seasonal fruity green tea from Den’s Tea, a japanese green tea seller. This tea is SEASONAL and available for a limited time in the early spring. Seriously, I heard about this tea mid spring or so last year and I waited almost a year for it to be released again so I could buy it. DRY LEAF: SOOOO PRETTY! I love the little pink flower buds! The tea leaves are so thin and deep green! Sakura Sencha smells like luscious cherries! STEEPED: Very beautiful steep with the pink flower buds and tree looking things floating on the top! Grassy green … Continue reading, hoot!

Houji-genmaicha from Den’s Tea – Tea Review

Houji-genmaicha is a roasted green and rice tea from Den’s Tea, an online seller of Japanese green teas. DRY LEAF: Houji-genmaicha smells like roasted corn – kinda like the leftover overly brown kernels in an air popper. STEEPED: An interesting light brown and peachy coloured tea. It’s a little hard to see as I used a green cup verses something more functional to show the colour off. The smell of this tea is very roasted and strong. For the  steeping, I followed the directions on the tea package – 30 second steep in boiling water and resteep for 15 seconds in boiling water. … Continue reading, hoot!

Yuzu Kukicha from Den’s Tea – Tea Review

Yuzu Kukicha is a loose twig Japanese green tea (kukicha) flavored with yuzu and matcha. I got Yuzu Kukicha from Den’s Tea, an online tea seller of Japanese Green teas. In case you were wondering, Yuzu is an aromatic tart citrus fruit which kinda looks like a grapefruit/lemon. DRY LEAF: Zesty, fresh citrus scent – kind of a mix of grapefruit and lime to me. Close up, the leaves for Yuzu Kukicha are very pretty – love the yuzu bits and the dusting of matcha. Oooh, very pretty looking tea! STEEPED: Okay – I strictly followed the steeping instructions here – … Continue reading, hoot!

Den’s Tea Sampler unboxing

Swweeet! I did an order with Den’s Tea, an online seller of Japanese Green Teas. If you are looking for some solid Japanese green teas, I highly recommend them. They have a really good deal going on, with their $3 Novice Sampler pack! (pssst, price includes shipping!) I snagged one a month or two ago, and it came with like 5 bags of tea, a couple 10gram packets of loose leaf teas and a $3 coupon! So, with this new order, I used the coupon, thus making those samples free, hehe! Here’s my recent order: Hmm, that’s a big box for just the … Continue reading, hoot!