Seattle Chai from Full Tilt Ice Cream

You might of recalled me going on a lol fat binge on a Thai Iced Tea Ice Cream by Full Tilt Ice Cream, a local ice cream brand in Seattle, WA. It is time for LOL FAT II! It is time for delicious Seattle Chai Ice Cream from Full Tilt Ice Cream! Chai ice cream? Are you betting it is just an ice cream with some chai spice in it? Nope, there is tea in the ingredients list! Looks so far unimpressive compared to the Thai Ice Cream’s crazy orange colour. The Seattle Chai looks pretty boring with just vanilla … Continue reading, hoot!

Thai Iced Tea Ice Cream by Full Tilt Ice Cream

Besides checking out the local tea and yarn shops, when I’m in a new area I like to try the ice cream. I found it interesting how ice cream differs between countries and states – Utah being the most crazy with lots of great local ice cream and ice cream sections in the supermarket 2-3 times bigger than ones in Southern California! When checking out the Seattle ice cream, I discovered lots of coffee ice cream (bleh), Marionberry and how Tilliamok ice cream is crazy good. They also have lots of pint sized ice creams from smaller companies with really neat … Continue reading, hoot!