Pomegranate Fruit from Georgia Tea Company – Tea Review

Pomegranate Fruit is a herbal fruit tea blend featuring apple, raisins, carrot, hibiscus blossoms, candied papaya, vanilla and pomegranate and cornflower blossoms. This caffeine free tea is from Georgia Tea Company. I gotta say Georgia Tea Company has some really good tea prices, plus inexpensive samples if you want to try the tea. All the teas I got from Georgia Tea Company came sealed in plastic, but inside a paper bag to keep your tea in. I prefer to just seal up the plastic bag as it saves tea stash space. DRY LEAF: Pomegranate Fruit smells like dried fruity trail mix with raisins. … Continue reading, hoot!

Strawberry Blizzard from Georgia Tea Co – Tea Review

Strawberry Blizzard is a fruit and spice herbal from Georgia Tea Co. This blend features strawberries,  apple bits, hibiscus blossoms, guava bits, orange bits, cardamom, cinnamon, foamy sugar drops, egg protein, strawberry slices and a bit of rose and mallow petals thrown in. FYI, this tea is not vegan friendly! Alright Georgia Tea Co – this is my first time ordering with them. Their teas are very well priced. I actually went for larger sizes as it seemed more of a deal! I’m guessing this tea is supposed to be iced, but might as well be thorough and try it hot. The packaging … Continue reading, hoot!