Hwang Cha Gold Oxidized Korean Tea from Hankook Tea

Hwang Cha Gold Oxidized Korean Tea is a partially oxidized and pan fired tea. This particular tea from Hankook Tea is a first flush Sejak and was hand harvested in April 2014. So is Hwang Cha Gold Oxidized Korean Tea an oolong? Black tea? Taste wise, I would lean towards an oolong – world of tea has a great article on Hwang Cha’s classifications according to how this tea is processed. Dry Leaf The dry leaf of Hwang Cha Gold Oxidized Korean Tea smells sooo good! This tea has a rich brown, almost black colour in delicate curled and twisted shapes. The smell is an … Continue reading, hoot!

Korean Tea Cups from Hankook Tea

I’ve been questing for Korean Tea cups with infusers for awhile now. Every time I see a character in a Korean Drama drink out of one I’m like “OOooh, pretty – I need one of those!” Annoyingly, these tea cups are a little hard to find and when you do find them, they are not cheap. Paying $30+ for a small tea cup makes me cry. Anyways, I saw on Hankook Teas‘ site, who sell Korean Teas (and ship from California!), that they have Korean tea cups! Even better is that they aren’t too pricey, some under $20. With that said, … Continue reading, hoot!

Sampling Jaksul Cha, Korean Green Teas from Hankook Tea

I’ve been really wanting to try Korean Green Teas. DESPERATELY! Korean teas, at least here in North America, seem to be harder to find and pricey. Plus, if I do find a korean green tea it be only one – how do I know it’s good? I still need to comb through Los Angeles K-town, but I frequent Korean grocery stores often and they usually carry barley/corn/bean teas, genmaicha and nothing in high quality loose leaf. To add some premise to my spazing of wanting Korean teas – it started with me trying Korean food and falling in love, as I love … Continue reading, hoot!