04 Dian Hong Congfu from Joseph Wesley Black Tea – Tea Review

It sunk in when I was at Joseph Wesley Black Tea’s booth at the World Tea Expo and what, he has a Dian Hong??!?!?! Despite going to their website often, I never noticed their 04 Dian Hong Congfu, and likely focused on the deliciousness of their 07 Lapsang or Special Edition Qimen. Dry Leaf and Steeping Instructions The leaf is gorgeous – small twists and folds of black leaf with plenty of gold tips plus whole gold leaves, with the scent is of malty peaches. I was planning to follow the steeping instructions of 190F for an 8oz serving… …but this leaf … Continue reading, hoot!

05 Keemun Congfu from Joseph Wesley Black Tea – Tea Review

I always recommend Joseph Wesley Black Teas for people who want really good black tea. I put in order a few months back for one of their beautifully handmade chawans, but also snagged their 05 Keemun Congfu. More packaging! I always enjoy Joseph Wesley’s packaging. Dry Leaf and Steeping Instructions Joseph Wesley’s 05 Keemun Congfu has thin delicate leaves with odd gold tip. The scent of this tea is strong, heady, and fruity. I am in the process of finding a good ratio for steeping blacks, and turns out there is very little info out there on how to gongfu a … Continue reading, hoot!

No. 03 Classic Chinese Black Tea from Joseph Wesley Black Tea – Tea Review

Everything I tried from Joseph Wesley Black tea has been excellent, I can’t recommend them enough if you are a black tea lover. A couple good tea friends have told me No. 03 Classic Chinese black tea is a really good one from Joseph Wesley. When I ordered the Qimen, I sneaked in a tin of Classic Chinese black tea. Of course with Joseph Wesley, their teas have an awesome modern design that I love. Enclosed leaflet with the tea. Dry Leaf Classic Chinese Black features delicate and wiry black tea leaf with the rare golden tip. The dry leaf is … Continue reading, hoot!

Limited Edition Qimen from Joseph Wesley Black Tea – Tea Review

When Qimen came out it perked my interest. Then a bunch of my tea friends told me Qimen is amazing and they were buying more as it was a limited edition tea. Then I caved and bought 2 packages – recently ran into some bad tea luck on stuff selling out on me before I could buy it (I shake my fist at white2tea’s bang dong hong!) so I decided I wasn’t going to take any chances. It wasn’t hard to cave in for a purchase at Joseph Wesley Black tea – I love everything I’ve tried so far. The packaging on … Continue reading, hoot!

06 Bai Lin Congfu Black from Joseph Wesley black tea – Tea Review

With my last Joseph Wesley black tea order I was stuck on what to get. I was purchasing a cup set that came with your choice of tea and choosing a tea was difficult – all their teas sounded awesome! I decided on 06 Bai Lin Congfu for its promise of caramel and cream notes. Creamy teas make me weak in the knees. Let’s check this tea out! Gorgeous sophisticated and modern packing as usual. The black tea is vacuum packed and once the seal is breached it is hard to fit the tea back in unless you drink about 2 or … Continue reading, hoot!

Lapsang Souchong from Joseph Wesley Black Tea – Tea Review

Today’s tea review is a Joseph Wesley tea – Black Tea No. 7 Lapsang Souchong. My tea came with a letter stating that this particular Lapsang Souchong is made the traditional way – NOT smoked over pine needles. Interesting. I associate Lapsang Souchong as drinking a steeping of my husband’s BBQ Smoker, so I wonder how a traditionally made Lapsang Souchong would taste. For housekeeping information, Joseph Wesley’s black tea No. 7 (Lapsang Souchong) is harvested from Wu Yi Shan rock cliffs, made by tea artisans in Tong Cheng Village in Fuijian Province, China. Joseph Wesley primarily sells high quality … Continue reading, hoot!