Purple Leaf Tea from Justea

Purple tea is starting to pop up everywhere. Purple tea is a curious tea it is Camellia Sinensis Assamica with a purple mutation changing the colour of the leaf to purple. I tried it a couple times (World Tea Expo 2016 and North West Tea Festival Seattle) and had a couple purple leaf puer cakes without thinking about it. Though apparently there are different purple teas, and this particular Purple Leaf Tea from Justea is grown in Kenya. But what sets the Justea Purple Leaf Tea apart is the unusual colour. Dry Leaf and Steeping Instructions The leaf is an interesting dark colour with a … Continue reading, hoot!

Tea Star Oolong from Justea – Oolong Owl Tea Review

Tea Star is a pesticide free, direct trade oolong that is a hand tied, world’s first bag-less tea bag. This really cool oolong is from Justea – Vancouver, BC based tea seller of direct trade Kenyan Teas. While I was at the World Tea Expo I saw the Tea Star! It tasted amazing, the concept is really cool, as well as the tea being hand tied. With that said, there is a lot of love put into this tea. I’ve reviewed Justea in the past during their crowd funding campaign. Since then they have cooperatively built a tea processing kitchen with the tea farmers … Continue reading, hoot!

Kathryne Earl Grey black tea from justea – Oolong Owl Tea Review

Kathryne Earl Grey is a handmade earl grey blend from justea,  a Vancouver Canada based tea company supporting fair trade efforts for Kenyan Tea Farmers. This special earl grey is made with fair trade, hand processed Kenyan black tea and cold-pressed organic Mediterranean bergamot oil. justea crowd funding campaign ends TODAY (October 18th 2013)! Check it out justea‘s site if you haven’t yet! Their campaign is basically this: I’ve been meaning to get this review out sooner, but I had some unexpected computer issues causing me to ugggg… the horrible “R” word.. (reformat! wahh!!!) The Tea Owls have been helping me today with handing me … Continue reading, hoot!

Kenyan Black Tea from Justea – Oolong Owl Tea Review

Kenyan Black Tea is a fair trade, hand processed tea by Kenyan farmers, which is directly sold by JusTea, a Vancouver Canada based tea company. First off, a cheer from Oolong Owl for a Vancouver based tea company – My hometown! Second, JusTea has just started a crowd funding campaign. Here is the model they are aiming for: You can access the campaign by visiting the JusTea site or via JusTea’s Facebook page. Let’s check out the tea! Our Great Horned Owl is going to help with the review! Dry Leaf The Kenyan Black Tea has a light scent woodsy scent … Continue reading, hoot!