Jasmine Green from The Little Red Cup Tea Co – Tea Review

Today’s tea review is Jasmine Green Tea from The Little Red Cup Tea co. This particular jasmine green is fair trade and organic! This tea is from WuYuan County, Jiangxi China. Little Red Cup Tea Co also has these really cool tea tins! Dry Leaf The Jasmine green has a lovely soft sweet jasmine scent. The tea is small little half moons. Steeping Instructions Little Red Cup Tea Co has pretty flexible steeping instructions. They have a basic guideline for a water temperature of 170F to 180F. I’m going to play with this one, wheeeeee! I steeped 5 grams of leaf … Continue reading, hoot!

Keemun Black Tea from Little Red Cup Tea co – Oolong Owl Tea Review

Keemun Black tea is an organic, fair trade black tea from the Jiangxi Province of China. This tea is sold by Little Red Cup Tea co., online seller of traditional loose leaf teas that are also sustainable, certified organic and fair trade. This tea seller is based in Maine, USA. Dry Leaf Not the most exciting dry leaf appearance, Keemun Black tea looks like tight black sticks of tea. I bet you black tea drinkers are drooling! A little bit of a fruity scent from the leaf. Steeping Instructions I followed Little Red Cup Tea co’s brewing guidelines of 200F for 2 to … Continue reading, hoot!

White Monkey Tea from Little Red Cup Tea Co – Oolong Owl Tea Review

White Monkey tea is an organic, fair trade green tea sold by Little Red Cup Tea Co. This tea is mountain-grown from western Hunan Province in China. Looking for a tea company that sells only whole leaf, certified organic and fair trade teas? Check out Little Red Cup Tea Co. Their line up is small, but they had a few teas that caught my eye. I did do a double take on this White Monkey tea. It sure looks like a white, but the description of White Monkey on Little Red Cup Tea Co‘s site is that it is a green tea. White Monkey is technically processed like a green tea … Continue reading, hoot!