Golden Honeydew Rooibos from Lupicia – Tea Review

Today’s tea review is a popular tea from Lupicia – Golden Honeydew rooibos! Golden Honeydew is a California honeydew melon scented, green rooibos tea with marigold petals. I believe this tea is a San Francisco exclusive tea, as it was available for us non San Fran folk online only during special promotions. However, at the time of writing this, it is available without mention of it being limited time availability. I heard from many people this is one of the best Lupicia teas, so I had purchased it with my last Lupicia order. My Golden Honeydew rooibos came in the special … Continue reading, hoot!

Sunny Fruits Puer from Lupicia – Tea Review

I tend to buy puer blends, just for the hell of it. They are so uncommon, but puer is getting more attention these days so I see more blends available. Of course, Lupicia has some really nice blends, it is hard to resist a puer blend from them! Sunny Fruits Puer is a tea blend (puer black tea as stated on the ingredients list) with dried mango, dried papaya, and safflower. Dry leaf Sunny Fruits Puer smells super fruity! It has a tangy mango scent, with the dark tea leaves mixed with mango chunks and reddy orange petals. I could smell … Continue reading, hoot!

Chestnut Green Tea from Lupicia – Tea Review

YES! Lupicia’s Chestnut Green Tea is a tea I’ve been questing to get for years now. My first online Lupicia order was during a sale (I think a Black Friday or New Years sale) and when the sale went active this tea went out of stock. Then I never saw it again. Every time I visited a Lupicia physical store I’d ask for Chestnut Green Tea and they were out of stock and direct me to the black tea version. Lupicia has a free shipping deal not too long ago and I saw this tea was in stock, which cinched me jumping … Continue reading, hoot!

Chocolate Strawberry Puer from Lupicia – Oolong Owl Tea Review

Chocolate Strawberry Puer is a pu’er, chocolate and strawberry tea blend. This decadent dessert tea is from Lupicia. Chocolate Strawberry Puer has been on my tea bucket list for a long time! I don’t know why, but I kept passing it up or forgetting about it when I was visiting my local Lupicia. When I was in Hawaii, I snagged a bag of Chocolate Strawberry Puer at Lupicia’s Honolulu store. I’ve been wanting to explore pu’er blends, which have been popping up more and more these days, which also can be hit or miss. However, I have faith Chocolate & Strawberry Puer will be good, as … Continue reading, hoot!

Exclusive Lupicia Hawaii Original Tea Blends Collection – Oolong Owl Tea Review

With my recent cruise to Hawaii, I was able to snag the entire Lupicia Hawaii Original Blends collection at Lupicia Honolulu. The Lupicia Hawaii Original Tea Blends gift boxes are quite lovely – the tins are super cute and beautifully packaged! Each tin has 20 grams of tea, just enough to sample each blend, as well as being a great size for this tea blogger who owns too much tea yet wants to try more tea. In two gift boxes you get: Hoku – Taiwaniese oolong with pineapple and guava Loke Lani – Black tea with bergamont and passionfruit Lanikai – Black … Continue reading, hoot!

Lupicia Honolulu – Oolong Owl’s Cruise to Hawaii part 3

During my cruise to Hawaii, I was lucky to go to Lupicia in Honolulu! I’ve been to the Lupicia in Torrance, California, but their location in Honolulu is much bigger and appears to carry more of their tea lineup. Lupicia is located in Ala Moana Center, on the ground floor. It was really easy to find, at least for me as I was entering from where the buses and trolleys unload. After some brief wandering around the mall, I found it! Whoa, big store! This is probably one of the biggest tea shops I’ve been to so far. All along the left wall is tea that … Continue reading, hoot!

Hawaii Tea Haul! Oolong Owl’s Cruise to Hawaii part 1

I’ve recently got back from my Princess Cruise to Hawaii! Yay for last minute cruise sales! Anyways, my cruise was interesting and the itinerary changed. The plan was – start in Los Angeles, sail for 4 days, then stop in Maui, Hilo, Honolulu and Nawiliwili. A couple days  in  our ship had to change course, as instructed by the Coast Guard, to assist in a search mission. The Grand Princess, another ship heading to Hawaii, had a crew member go overboard. After a day and a half circling around the Pacific Ocean, we were released (with no luck finding the poor … Continue reading, hoot!

King of Fruits from Lupicia – Tea Review

King of Fruits is a green tea durian fruit blend from Lupicia, a lovely online japanese tea seller. DURIAN!! O_O You know, this evil fruit: Durian smells funky. Like sweaty onions’ gym socks. Onions wear gym socks? I’ve had durian a handful of times, but mostly in bubble/boba tea. I could probably convince my husband to buy one, but he doesn’t have a great sense of smell so he’ll be fine – but the durian smell will probably drive the rest of my house crazy. The taste is quite exotic and kind of an acquired taste. When I saw Lupicia had this tea, it was on … Continue reading, hoot!

Champagne Rose from Lupicia – Tea Review

Champagne Rose is a black tea flavored with strawberries. This tea comes from Lupicia. Happy Valentines Day! Okay, I have to admit – I don’t drink alcohol. I drink like maybe 2 or 3 times a year, and only if it’s free at a party or something. I was/am a total nerd and during university, spending my time playing video games, knitting and drinking tea instead of doing the bar scene. When I’m having a nice dinner at home, my husband and I reach for the sparkling non-alcoholic apple cider. Well, mostly him. I would have a little bit then switch … Continue reading, hoot!

Momoko by Lupicia – Tea Review

Momoko is a green tea that features peach and vanilla flavors. This tea is sold by Lupicia and comes in bagged or loose leaf forms. Very lovely packaging! DRY LEAF: Oh wow! DROOOOL! Creamy sweet peachyness! The smell reminds me of those japanese peach gummies! I spent awhile smelling this tea. Up close, the tea has little pink flowers buds and teeny rock sugar bits. STEEPED: Momoko comes out a bright green yellow with a green buttery scent. I steeped this tea with boiling water for 1.45 minutes. TASTE: Momoko is surprisingly very creamy. This tea tastes like good fresh matcha, … Continue reading, hoot!