2009 Menghai Dayi Yellow Box Tuocha Shou Puer

I purchased 2009 Menghai Dayi Yellow Box Tuocha Shou Puer way back in early 2013 from Mandala Tea. This tuocha and a cake of 2012 Wild Monk were my first puer cakes, believe it or not. As I am crazy and hoarder-like, I never sampled my 2009 Menghai Dayi. There is nothing special about it other than was my first shou cake. It was only $12 for this 100gram tuocha. I did open the box and examined the tea. A part of me chickened out on how official this tea looks – it’s got paperwork and holo stickers. Examining the packaging, I … Continue reading, hoot!

2012 Noble Mark Shou Puer from Mandala Tea

Everyone likely remembers their first. Way back when, and likely you can dig through this blog’s early posts, I bought my first puer cakes through Mandala Tea. Garret is super awesome and helped me out, and it is when I bought their 2012 Wild Monk Sheng puer. I quickly sunk further down the pu-hole and bought samples of all Mandala Tea’s house puer. Noble Mark is one of my first favorite shous that caused me to stock up to later. I didn’t even review this tea on Oolong Owl despite it being one of my favorites. I did review Special … Continue reading, hoot!

Mandala Tea’s 2014 Temple Stairs Ripe Pu’er – Tea Review

Mandala Tea’s 2014 Temple Stairs Ripe Pu’er – this review is overdue. My Mandala Tea 2012 Noble Mark review is also overdue, I’m too busy chugging it than writing about it! I have this pu’er in both loose and cake form. For this review, I’ll be drinking the loose material as I’m trying to finish it, haha! Dry Leaf Temple Stairs Ripe Pu’er smells like roasted chestnut skins. Steeping Instructions I used around 8 grams for my 100gram-ish gaiwan. I did two rinses and steeped starting at 10 seconds, adding time as I went on. Tasting of Mandala Tea’s 2014 … Continue reading, hoot!

Nine Lotus Green Tea from Mandala Tea – Tea Review

I recently did a small Mandala Tea order as they had a bunch of new teas roll in (2013 Young Tea Nugget!!). I’m usually not one for new spring green teas, but this particular green tea caught my eye – Nine Lotus Green Tea – so it sneaked into my shopping cart. Sneaky sneaky teas! Mandala Tea‘s Nine Lotus Green Tea is a spring 2015 tea from Jui Hua Shan, Nine Lotus Mountain in Anhui Province of China at an elevation of 3,500 feet. This tea is cultivated by Buddhist Monks! Dry Leaf Nine Lotus Green Tea has a super cool leaf – they … Continue reading, hoot!

GABA Black Tea from Mandala Tea – Tea Review

Today’s tea review is Mandala Tea’s GABA Black Tea, a Anxi, Fujian Tie Guan Yin with plenty of oxidization. If you aren’t familiar with GABA teas, they are processed to boost the GABA content in tea. GABA teas have an effect that increases a feeling of calm. For more reading on GABA and science, check out Tea Nerd’s post. I’ve had a few GABA teas, but not a high oxidized one. Let’s sip! Hooooot! Dry Leaf GABA Black tea has nice, big rolled balls and curls of tea with a sweet and lightly vegetal scent. Steeping Instructions Mandala Tea has two steeping … Continue reading, hoot!

2004 Big Leaf Yiwu Gushu Raw Puer from Mandala Tea – Tea Review

Let’s taste Mandala Tea’s 2004 Big Leaf Yiwu Gushu Raw Puer! This tea was handed picked from ancient tea trees in the Yiwu area of China. Ohhh yeah I love a good ancient tree raw pu’er and what a treat as it is from 2004! Dry Leaf This tea comes in bricks that are being aged away, but Mandala Tea will break off pieces for you when you purchase. I bought 1 oz to sample. To my surprise, one of the chunks of tea I got is the size of the packaging, a big honking piece of tea! The dry leaf of 2004 … Continue reading, hoot!

Mandala Tea “Heart of the Old Tree” 2012 Raw Pu’er – Tea Review

I’ve been meaning to try this pu’er for awhile – Mandala Tea “Heart of the Old Tree” 2012 Raw Pu’er. This tea is a raw/sheng tea from Nan Mei Village, with material picked from 300+ year old trees. The name of this tea is interesting. Wild Monk, a big favorite of mine also from Mandala Tea, has that exotic feel to it. Old tree? I do like big old trees. Great artwork on the pu’er wrapper, I love the purple tint to the trees. The “Old tree” aspect of this tea attracted my moonkin, Boomy. He’s my amigurumi druid Owlbear so … Continue reading, hoot!

Pu’er Breaking Tray – Oolong Owl Tea Ware Review

Awhile back on Steepster, someone recommended a pu’er breaking tray. I’ve seen them all over Ebay and some online tea shops, but I was unsure if it was worth the $15 to $25 for one. I mean, its just a coaster looking thing. After some messy pu’er pickings, ripped up pu’er wrappers and Teal “pu’er pick” Owl stabbing me a few times by accident, I decided to keep my eye out for one at a decent price. I considered trying to find something with a similar shape and having my husband saw off the edge. With my last Mandala Tea order, … Continue reading, hoot!

2014 Autumn Song Pu’er from Mandala Tea – Oolong Owl Tea Review

2014 Autumn Song Pu’er is a raw/sheng tea pressed in March 2014. The tea for the cake was from a high elevation tea garden of 6500ft/2000 meters in Da Hu Sai. This pesticide free pu’er is sold by Mandala Tea, online seller in Rochester, MN. For awhile I have noticed I have a thing for autumn shengs. Must be since I’m a November baby, but also I love fall. Throw the word autumn in the title and I’m in love – Autumn Song being a gorgeous name for a tea! Man, fall needs to come sooner, I’m roasting in this July California weather. … Continue reading, hoot!

Phatty Cake II Ripe Pu’er from Mandala Tea – Oolong Owl Tea Review

Phatty Cake II is a 2013 ripe/shu pu’er. This 100 gram pu’er cake is exclusively sold at Mandala Tea, Oolong Owl favorite online tea seller based in Rochester, MN. This cake is the sequel to Mandala Tea’s Phatty Cake (the first?), which at this time is still available for purchase. I have had the pleasure to review the first Phatty Cake, and it was a delicious, bold, smokey, mushroom, woodsy, party time kind of pu’er. When Phatty Cake II came out, I purchased it and held onto it for the right day for me to pu’er pick into. Dry Leaf Phatty Cake … Continue reading, hoot!