Coconut Dream from New Mexico Tea Company – Oolong Owl Tea Review

Coconut Dream is an organic Korakundah estate black tea with coconut. This tea blend is from New Mexico Tea Company, an US tea seller. I’m in a tropical kind of mood. I think my head is still in vacation cruise mode as I snack on the treats I brought back from Hawaii. For some reason, I’m not getting sick of pineapple, coconut and macadamia nuts. It’s a sign! I should move to Hawaii! Hmm.. I wonder if there are Owls in Hawaii…. /google searches… ah ha, Pueo! Hoot! I wonder if they like tea? Anyways, let’s have some tea! Intern … Continue reading, hoot!

Black Jasmine Cream from New Mexico Tea Company – Oolong Owl Tea Review

Black Jasmine Cream  is a black and green tea blend with jasmine flowers and vanilla flavoring. This tea is from New Mexico Tea Company. Black Jasmine! I’ve noticed once in awhile people asking around Steepster for Jasmine Black teas. It’s a tea combination that seems uncommon to find. The first black jasmine I’ve tried was Jasmine Black Pearls from DAVIDsTea, which was really good. New Mexico Tea Company is another place to find a Black Jasmine tea, which I managed to get my Owl claws on it! Dry Leaf Black Jasmine Cream smells like a jasmine lovers dream! Lots of … Continue reading, hoot!

Plum Oolong from New Mexico Tea Company – Tea Review

Plum Oolong is a fruit enhanced wuyi oolong blend. This tea is from New Mexico Tea Company. I do love my dark oolongs and I was pleasantly surprised to see a roasty oolong used in a fruit blend. More often I see green oolong blends as the buttery and floral elements make a great base for fruit. However, I love variety! By the way, love the 2oz packaging  of New Mexico Tea Company teas. They have neat photos or artwork with each tea which I’m a sucker for. I’m slightly worried this Plum Oolong will be tart. I’ve tried a few plum teas, but … Continue reading, hoot!

Pondi Cherry from New Mexico Tea Company – Tea Review

Pondi Cherry is a herbal fruit blend featuring cherries, cranberries, raspberries, elderberries, hibiscus and blackberries. This herbal tea is from New Mexico Tea Company.   Similar to the Lady Hannah tea review, this 1oz sampler wasn’t labelled, thus my terrible handwritten label. I keep a stack of labels next to the tea stash as I stick on notes about the tea, like steeping instruction changes.  DRY LEAF: Well.. not actually leaf in this tea. Dried fruit chunks and bits? Yeah!   The smell of Pondi Cherry is like sweet cherry fruit leather. Mmmm! I made fruit leather once. I snacked on most of it … Continue reading, hoot!

White Pu’erh: Mandarin Orange from New Mexico Tea Co – Tea Review and Experience

White Pu-erh: Mandarin Orange is an aged white tea pu-erh presented inside a real mandarin orange! This tea is from New Mexico Tea Company. The description of making this White Pu-erh: Mandarin Orange tea: “From the careful plucking of centuries old tea bushes, to the rolling on wide wicker baskets to the natural wood fires used to flash heat the mandarin orange peel, everything is done entirely by hand. Firing the orange peel serves to kill any microorganisms that may be present.” Okay, that is hardcore. However, I purely bought one of these oranges because it seemed really cool and crazy that there’s tea … Continue reading, hoot!

Lady Hannah from NM Tea Co – Tea Review

Lady Hannah is a herbal berry tea blend from New Mexico Tea Company (NM Tea Co). Lady Hannah features apple, hibiscus, rosehip, pineapple, papaya, bramble berries, strawberries, blackberries and raspberries. First off – with my recent order with NMTea Co I purchased two 1 oz pouches of tea. They both came UNLABELED. NOOOO! Annoyingly, both teas were fruity herbals, but I was just able to tell them apart as one was more cherry whereas Lady Hannah is more berry. I labelled it myself after I figured out what tea was what. I’d be REALLY FFFING PISSED if I ordered a bunch … Continue reading, hoot!