Nina’s Paris Teas – Tea Review

November is a busy month for me, and turns out this year it has been busier than usual busy.  I am tackling (and failing at) NaNoWriMo, planning for Thanksgiving dinner, Christmas plans and I have a huge amount of commission work for Tea Owls. My tea drinking has become large tea pot + random black tea I need to drink down just to keep me going. With extra work, I’ve been at home all the time, missing all the sunny California fall weather. With the fall blues, I think it’s a good time to do some tea reviews of teas … Continue reading, hoot!

Magicienne Tea from Nina’s Paris – Oolong Owl Tea Review

Hi Tea Peeps! During the World Tea Expo 2014 I was able to check out Nina’s Paris! They had a gorgeous set up! I love their tins! Nina’s Paris also has quite a selection of teas, especially for black tea blends. I have sampled a few teas from Nina’s Paris before and they were quite good, especially their signature blend Marie Antoinette. While I was at their booth, they had their tea Magicienne to taste and it was fanstastic! I got a sample of Magicienne to take home – let’s sample it together! Dry Leaf The green tea here has a gorgeous vibrant green, accented … Continue reading, hoot!