Autumn Tea Blends from Plum Deluxe – Tea Review

I love autumn blends, I can’t get enough of spice, pumpkin and apple teas over a black tea base. Plum Deluxe is an online tea seller of organic tea blends. Besides the online tea shop, they also do a Tea of the Month Club. $10 a month you get one 1oz tea + sample. For $16 a month you get two 1oz teas. For both plans you get free shipping and savings on purchases at their online shop. What is good about their set up is you can purchase a blend or two at their shop to check them out … Continue reading, hoot!

Reading Nook and Mindful Morning Tea from Plum Deluxe – Tea Review

Let’s check out some of Plum Deluxe teas today! In particular, Reading Nook and Mindful Morning from their signature blend collection. Plum Deluxe has a grounding, mindful, savor life vibe to their shop and. They also do seasonal tea blends. I was surprised to see all the purple themed packaging with my Plum Deluxe teas – I love the color purple and all the purple made me smile. (Looks like the label was wrong on Reading Nook) The steeping instructions for both teas are to steep with boiling water for 3 to 5 minutes. Both teas needed to be stirred in … Continue reading, hoot!