Matcha Brand Comparison 2, Round 3 – High End $17 to $48 per ounce Matchas

So you are looking for a great matcha and you are willing to spend more for it? This Matcha Brand Comparison will be looking at the $17 to $48 per ounce Matcha range! Amazon Matcha Comparison Round 1 – Matcha Brand Comparison under $9.99 an ounce Round 2 – Matcha Brand Comparison $9.99 to $16.99 an ounce I’ll admit, this set up isn’t that great. There is 24 matchas in this Round and simply TOO MANY matchas for me to deal with at once and keep my own review standards intact. I’m sure as readers it would be hard to believe my ratings of 24 … Continue reading, hoot!

Matcha Brand Comparison 2, Round 2 – Mid-range price $9.99 to $16.99 an ounce

It is time for the mid-range matcha brand comparison! For this Matcha Brand Comparison Round, the price point is $9.99 to $16.99 per ounce, average 13.69 price tag. Amazon Matcha Comparison Round 1 – Matcha Brands Comparison under $9.99 an ounce Round 3 – Matcha Brand Comparison $17 to $48 per ounce For full disclosure, like the other Matcha comparisons I’ve done, this is brought to you by Red Leaf Tea. Sadly, it looks like this price point is mostly Red Leaf Tea Matchas as well. Testing Procedure Every matcha is labelled by number or letter. I do not know what brands … Continue reading, hoot!

Matcha Comparison – Matcha Taste Testing of 12 different Amazon Matchas!

So I was sent 12, identical packaged matcha samples to be tested and rated from Red Leaf Tea. Red Leaf Tea wanted a comparison of their matcha verses popular matcha sold on A number of other tea drinkers and bloggers got the same treatment too. At the time of sampling, I did not know what matcha was what other than number on the package. There was a few others who posted their results ahead of me and I did not look up their reviews. I wrote my reviews by sample number and sent in my results to find out what product was what, which … Continue reading, hoot!

Caramel Matchaccino from Red Leaf Tea – Oolong Owl Tea Review

Caramel Matchaccino is a matcha latte mix sold by Red Leaf Tea, online seller mostly known for their flavored matchas. A little about Matchaccino, this product is a matcha latte mix – it contains cane sugar, matcha, xantham gum, tapioca dextrose and flavoring. The mix, by its self is 58 calories a serving, 0 fat. If you love the Starbucks Matcha Green Tea Frappucino, Red Leaf Tea’s Matchaccino is even better – it was way cheaper for one, as its $0.32 a serving verses almost $4 at Starbucks. You also have more control over your drink since you are making … Continue reading, hoot!

Coconut Matcha from Red Leaf Tea – Oolong Owl Tea Review

Coconut Matcha is from Red Leaf Tea‘s huge flavored matcha line up. Red Leaf Tea is an US online tea seller, known mostly for their customizable flavored matcha and matchaccino mix. I’ve had quite a number of Red Leaf Tea‘s flavored matcha, though I tend to drink through them slowly. The caffeine in matcha hits me hard with crazy energy that I feel like I could scale a wall. With that said, I restrict matchas as a morning or early afternoon tea. I was recommended to try Red Leaf Tea‘s Coconut Matcha as I heard it is really good, especially for coconut fans. With my … Continue reading, hoot!