2011 Sheng Pu-erh from Single Origin Tea – Tea Review

I’ve noticed my review queue has a lot of pu’er in it, I hope no one minds. I don’t mind – the more pu’er in my stash the better! Today’s pu’er is from Single Origin Tea – a 2011 Sheng. Upon further reading into this pu’er, it is a Bu Lang mountain tea. Dry Leaf I have a sample, to the leaf is broken up into loose bits. The tea is softly scented. Steeping Instructions I went with 190f water temperature. I did one rinse and started with 20 second infusions using a gaiwan. My new tea pet quite enjoyed paddling through … Continue reading, hoot!

Single Origin Teas Flavored Tea Review

Today’s review will be of a couple flavored teas from Single Origin Teas. Majority of Single Origin Teas’ selection is unflavored, but they do have a small flavored line up filled with interesting tea blends. By the way, Single Origin Teas will be at the Midwest Tea Festival in June 2015! If you are in the area be sure to check out the Midwest Tea Festival and report back!   Tasting of Single Origin Teas’ Flavored Tea Orange Blossom Oolong This oolong is sourced from Anteaques in Edinburgh, Scotland! Scottish tea! The leaf has a super orange scent with dark twists … Continue reading, hoot!

Singbulli Oolong Darjeeling from Single Origin Teas – Oolong Owl Tea Review

Singbulli Oolong Darjeeling is an organic oolong from the Singbulli tea estate. This tea is sold by Single Origin Teas, online tea seller based in Texas. I’ve never had a Darjeeling Oolong so I’m quite excited to try this tea! Dry Leaf Wow beautiful tea! Singbulli Oolong Darjeeling looks close to an Oriental Beauty with colours of deep brown, silver, reddish brown and golds. Steeping Instructions I decided to go with my personal go-to western oolong steeping method for this tea – 190F for 2.5 minutes. The colour of Singbulli Oolong Darjeeling came out a clear deep gold with a light floral … Continue reading, hoot!

Four Seasons Oolong from Single Origin Teas – Oolong Owl Tea Review

Four Seasons Oolong is a Taiwanese oolong grown in the Nantou region. This lightly fermented oolong is sold by Single Origin Teas – an online tea seller based in Texas. When I saw the name of this oolong, I wondered what “Four Seasons” means. Does it take a year to make? Does it evoke rain and snow while the flowers sprout and the leaves fall? According to Teapedia, Four Seasons is translated from Si Ji Chun. Si Ji Chun oolong can come out consistent in quality, regardless of the season. Cool! Dry Leaf Single Origin Teas’ Four Seasons Oolong has a soft … Continue reading, hoot!

Dong Ding Oolong from Single Origin Teas – Oolong Owl Tea Review

Dong Ding Oolong is a 30% oxidized oolong from the Nantou region. This oolong is from Single Origin Teas, online tea seller based in Texas. Dong Ding Oolong is a new tea to Single Origin Teas‘ lineup. This oolong is hand picked and is a bigger leaf than other oolongs. I do love a good roasty oolong and Dong Dings are very tasty! Let’s give this oolong a go! Dry Leaf The dry leaf of Dong Ding Oolong has an intense roasty scent, like the clumps of oolong came right out of an oven baking roasted chestnuts. Steeping Instructions There wasn’t any steeping instructions, … Continue reading, hoot!

Idulgashinna Ceylon Green Tea from Single Origin Teas – Oolong Owl Tea Review

Idulgashinna Ceylon Green tea is an organic, fair-trade tea from Sri Lanka. This green tea is sold by Single Origin Teas, an online tea seller. Single Origin Teas has quite an interesting collection of teas from various parts of the world: China, India, Kenya, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Japan, Nepal, Morocco and South Africa. I tend to drink quite a bit of unflavored Chinese teas, so I was more than happy to give some Sri Lanka tea a go! Dry Leaf Idulgashinna Ceylon Green tea has a soft, hay scent. The dry leaf consists of tightly pinched needles of brown and green tinted leaf. Steeping … Continue reading, hoot!