Oriental Beauty from Tea Ave – Tea Review

OOOOOLONG! YEAH! Oolong time! HOOTHOOT! Today’s oolong is Oriental Beauty from Tea Ave, a new oolong only tea seller from my home town of Vancouver, Canada. A few months back I was able to preview a bunch of Tea Ave’s oolongs. Now that they have launched I am able to try their loose leaf! I also have Tea Ave’s aroma cup set. After the Tea Owls were messing around with it, I had to sit down with them and watch videos on how to use an aroma cup. The Tea Owls placed a $5 bet I’ll burn myself, those brats! Dry Leaf … Continue reading, hoot!

Tea Ave Oolong preview!

I’ve been excited for Tea Ave, a new online tea seller based in Vancouver, BC Canada, to launch. Since I am originally from Vancouver, I like rooting for my home town. However, Tea Ave also has something really cool about them – ALL OOLONGS Yes, I’m down with all oolong! Anyways, Tea Ave is very new, launching soon! In the upcoming months there will be MORE oolong! Tea Ave will be carrying both tea bags and loose leaf. This special tea blogger got the tea bag sampling of Tea Ave’s first lineup of 12 oolongs. Today is also the new Tea Owl, Zeus’ first day! He is overwhelmed … Continue reading, hoot!