Fish Hook, Dragoncloud, and Mountain Mist Green tea – Tea From Vietnam

Today’s reviews are of a collection of green teas from Tea From Vietnam. They currently have three different green teas in their collection! Let’s drink them all! I quite like the label art on all the Tea From Vietnam packages, every tea has different artwork. Steeping Instructions For all the greens I used 4 grams to 120ml gaiwan (1 gram to 30ml ratio), using 175F water temperature. I did not do a rinse and started with a 30 second steep. Fish Hook Green Tea – Tea From Vietnam The leaf are delicate tight curls of tea with a sweet bread scent. Fresh marine and … Continue reading, hoot!

Gui Fei Oolong from Tea From Vietnam – Tea Review

Today’s review is Tea From Vietnam’s Gui Fei Oolong! I’ve had a few Gui Fei Oolongs before, all of them more on the greener side of oolong. Years ago before I was using gaiwans, a Steepster friend discovered if you western steep Gui Fei for over 8 minutes you get something really crazy sweet like drinking tea ice wine. Now I have gaiwans and I can leaf this oolong hard and steep it like a boss. Hold onto your leaf hoppers folks, let’s go! Dry Leaf The Gui Fei leaf here is tightly coiled and dark. Some pieces have a … Continue reading, hoot!