Wild Arbor Oriental Beauty Oolong from Tea Setter – Tea Review

Today’s oolong review is Tea Setter’s Wild Arbor Oriental Beauty Oolong, a tea grown in Wuliang Mountains of Yunnan, China. The other day I was talking with a tea vendor and they mentioned Oriental Beauty oolong. I haven’t had an oriental beauty oolong in awhile, so it stuck in my mind. DRINK ME, the delicious oxidized pretty oolong. Sadly, I still don’t have a standby oriental beauty oolong, I’m still sampling away, looking for one that’ll make me fall in love. Let’s try Tea Setter’s Wild Arbor Oriental Beauty Oolong! Dry Leaf The dry leaf of  Wild Arbor Oriental Beauty Oolong features a very dark … Continue reading, hoot!

Ethical Agriculture’s Wild Grown Pu’er from Tea Setter – Oolong Owl Tea Review

Ethical Agriculture’s Wild Grown Pu’er is a 2010 pu’er. This tea is from Tea Setter, an online tea seller. I was really curious of the name of this tea “Ethical Agriculture” which prompted me to contact Tea Setter. “Ethical Agriculture” is the name of the chinese tea producer, translated into English. I also found out Ethical Agriculture’s Wild Grown Pu’er  tea leaves were picked from wild tea trees on a remote mountain area in the Yunnan Province. Very cool! Dry Leaf The leaf is lightly earthy pu’er scent. I could barely smell the leaf unless my nose was right on the … Continue reading, hoot!

Sweet Fragrance Pu’er from Tea Setter – Tea Review

Sweet Fragrance Pu’er is a 1992 loose ripe pu’er sold by Tea Setter. Tea Setter has a small, yet interesting selection, of oolong and pu’er teas. It appears they are in the process of getting some green teas as well. What I found to be a sweet deal on their site is their Gaiwan Starter Set as you get a glass gaiwan + 6 tea samples, perfect to start the gongfu tea adventure! Their entire pu’er line looks great – I decided to try this Sweet Fragrance Pu’er first, as I do have a sweet tooth. Dry Leaf: The leaf … Continue reading, hoot!