Afternoon Loose Leaf Oolong from teascent – Oolong Owl Tea Review

Afternoon Loose Leaf Oolong Tea is a handpicked A Li Shan Oolong from Taiwan. This oolong is sold by teascent, a UK based online tea seller. First off – yea, I got my troutie bag! There is something just crazy weird yet awesome about this tote bag. It is perfect for carrying your Tea Owl and a couple large tea tins! Dry Leaf Tightly rolled, lushly dark green tea here that is lightly scented of butter and grass. Steeping Instructions I followed teascent’s brewing method for loose leaf. I steeped 3grams of tea with boiling water for 3 minutes. With … Continue reading, hoot!

All Day Oolong from Teascent – Tea Review

All Day Oolong is a fresh, light floral oolong from teascent, a UK based tea seller. Interestingly teascent only sells oolong tea, with 4 types of oolong. The one we’ll be trying today is the All Day Oolong, which is a Ali Shan Oolong in bagged form. By the way, their website is adorable! Plus, this Troutie tote bag is awesome! Dry Leaf: Nice smell on the oolong! All Day Oolong has a comforting smell like fresh baked bread. Appearance wise is kind of smashed up, more smashed up compared to teascent‘s photos. However, this tea came in a paper envelope from the UK to California, so it can … Continue reading, hoot!