2012 Fuding Shou Mei White Cake from Teavivre

I am always on the hunt for aged white teas. Awesomely, Teavivre has a 2012 Fuding Shou Mei White tea that I’ve heard good things about from fellow tea drinkers, plus it has a great price. Teavivre was kind enough to send me some to review. Dry Leaf and Steeping Method The 2012 Fuding Shou Mei is pressed pretty flat and my sample contained a few thin, pried off pieces. The colours are interesting on the cake, as it has more copper and silver tones. I used a gram of tea to 17ml of vessel size. I steeped with boiling water. I find boiling … Continue reading, hoot!

Nonpareil Anxi Qing Xiang Tieguanyin Oolong from Teavivre – Tea Review

Nonpareil Anxi Qing Xiang Tieguanyin Oolong is a hand crafted oolong harvested from Anxi County, Fujian Province, China, sold by Teavivre. My sample came in mega vacuum packed packaging. Inside, the tea was wrapped in more vacuumed packaging. These vacuumed oolongs look and feel so cool, irresistible to squeeze like bubble wrap. Vacuumed Oolongs are also known Tea Owl weapon alternative to rocks in socks (I am unsure why a Tea Owl would need a weapon…) Dry Leaf Nonpareil Anxi Qing Xiang Tieguanyin Oolong leaf is in large clumps of oolong. Some of the tea is wadded in balls, while others … Continue reading, hoot!

Nonpareil Cha Wang Tai Ping Hou Kui Green Tea from Teavive – Tea Review

Nonpareil Cha Wang Tai Ping Hou Kui Green Tea is an April 2014 harvest green tea from Huangshan Mountain, Anhui Province, China. This handmade tea is sold by Teavivre, online tea seller based in China. Tai Ping Hou Kui green teas seem to of slipped under my radar – I’ve seen this green tea sold at various tea sellers, but in the photographs I thought it was a dragonwell and skipped it. Tai Ping Hou Kui green teas in photos really need to show the scale of the leaf – I didn’t know how impressive this tea was until seeing it in person … Continue reading, hoot!

Nonpareil Yunnan Dian Hong from Teavivre – Oolong Owl Tea Review

Nonpareil Yunnan Dian Hong is a top grade Red Black tea from Teavivre, online seller of Chinese teas. Dry Leaf This particular Nonpareil Yunnan Dian Hong was harvested in March 2013, but most interestingly from oolong trees. The dry leaf here is interesting: wirey, thin ribbons of twisted black tea with the odd brown tip. The scent of Nonpareil Yunnan Dian Hong is quite strong, filling my kitchen with the scent of floral of fruit. Steeping Instructions Teavivre has excellent steeping instructions, and always includes western style steeping as well as gong fu. I’ll be doing gong fu steeping today with my gaiwan. With that … Continue reading, hoot!

Da Hong Pao Oolong from Teavivre – Tea Review

Da Hong Pao Oolong (aka Big Red Robe) is a Wuyi Rock tea from Fujian, China. This oolong is sold by Teavivre, online tea seller of Chinese teas. Yes, I need to drink an oolong right now! Yesterday was Canadian Thanksgiving, and I demanded my family/friends celebrate despite us not being in Canada. Felt a little warmer and less fall-like to celebrate here in California, but the timing felt more what I was used to. I summoned the Tea Owls to come help with an oolong tea review, but they are all passed out. The Tea Owls spent the night … Continue reading, hoot!

Taiwan Oriental Beauty from Teavivre – Tea Review

Taiwan Oriental Beauty Oolong (aka, Bai Hao) grown in Zinzhu, Taiwan. This tea is from Teavivre.   Looking further into this tea, it has been EATEN BY LEAF HOPPERS! NOOO ATTACK OF THE LEAF HOPPERS! As mentioned in an article by Teavivre on leaf hoppers, the bugs nip at the leaves, causing the leaves to oxidize, this effecting the aroma and flavor of the tea. What I found interesting, is pesticides cannot be used, as it will kill off the leaf hoppers. The girly owls have gathered for this oolong tasting, hoping “beauty” oolong will give them lush feathers.   DRY … Continue reading, hoot!

Organic Silver Needle White Tea from Teavivre – Tea Review

Organic Silver Needle (Bai Hao Yin Zhen) is a white tea from Teavivre, an online chinese tea seller. I received this tea, and a few others for review, from Teavivre.  They have a really nice lineup of unflavored teas and blooming teas. I also love Teavivre teaware – great prices! My tea was shipped from China and came a few weeks later, in perfect shape. DRY LEAF: Organic Silver Needle has a peachy dry floral scent. Very nice looking white tea leaves with a mix of silver and green. Organic Silver Needle is also FUZZY! Oh, I’m a sucker for fuzzy tea leaves. Oh man, I just had the … Continue reading, hoot!