2013 Fuding Bai Cha White Tea Brick – The Chinese Tea Shop

I purchased a couple of these 2013 Fuding Bai Cha White Tea Bricks from the The Chinese Tea Shop at my last visit to Vancouver. I actually was hoping for more of their 2000 Fuding, but they were sold out at the time, and had the 2013 brick instead. This white tea is 100 grams and pressed into 18 squares, chocolate bar/waffle style. It is inexpensive, so I purchased two bricks. Dry Leaf OMG SO CUTE! I wasn’t planning on writing about this tea until I unwrapped it. I was so impressed with how the 2013 Fuding Bai Cha looked, … Continue reading, hoot!

2011 Moonlight White Cake from The Chinese Tea Shop – Tea Review

I’ve been holding onto this 2011 Moonlight White (Yue Guang Bai) Cake for awhile. I am not sure why I was saving it, it is a very large 360 gram cake with a gorgeous wrapper. I bought this cake with my last visit to The Chinese Tea Shop in Vancouver, Canada. The Canadian Dollar was really low at the time, so I went on a buying spree, getting this cake without even sampling. I love Moonlight Whites, I had confidence that Daniel sells great tea, and a couple local tea buddies told me that this cake is amazing. So here is the … Continue reading, hoot!

2000 Fu Ding Bai Cha Aged White Tea Brick – Tea Review

My 2000 Fu Ding Bai Cha Aged White Tea Brick was my winning purchase from my trip home to Vancouver back in August at The Chinese Tea Shop. The price of this tea is on the high side for me (despite it being a big brick) but having to been able to drink it and enjoy it greatly, leading me to buy the entire brick. I hauled my brick to Alaska and returned home, taking off the wrapper and letting it sit until I felt like it was the best day to drink it. Aged white tea is something I’ve come … Continue reading, hoot!