Superior Wuyi Aged Golden Buddha Oolong from Treasure Green

This Superior Wuyi Aged Golden Buddha Oolong was a tea drunk upsold purchase at Treasure Green in Vancouver, Canada, during my trip to Vancouver last year. I’ve learned this is why tea shops have you sit down and drink tea with them as the tea drunk makes for easy upselling. I’m at the point where I have accepted this, especially in the hands of a good tea seller – I will always go home with great teas. I am not sure what went through my mind purchasing this oolong. It was harvested in Jiulong Zhai, Wuyi Mountain in 2004 and has gone … Continue reading, hoot!

2010 Puerh Mini Waffle Brick Shou from Treasure Green Tea Company

I purchased this tea during my last trip to Vancouver Canada. Treasure Green is a tea shop located in China Town in downtown Vancouver. The 2010 Puerh Mini Waffle Brick Shou was a must purchase as it is Treasure Green’s special edition pressing. Turns out, this puer is Bing Dao, Lincang material and it sounds like it is semi-fermented. I purchased the waffle version, but Treasure Green also sells a 200 gram cake that was too rich for my blood to treat a cake as a sample. They also have a special edition 2012 Bingdao sheng (cake and waffle) that I … Continue reading, hoot!

2009 Liu Bao Heicha from Treasure Green – Tea Review

I’ve been exploring heicha more and more, discovering I like it if it doesn’t taste like a log of tea on fire. I purchased this tea at Vancouver Canada’s Treasure Green, located in China Town. In shop, I had their most expensive heicha and it was great with an excellent deep woodsyness, but I freaked out at the price. That said, I bought a bag of their cheaper heicha, the 2009 Liu Bao Heicha. Dry Leaf The appearance of the 2009 Heicha is loose with matte dark sticks. The scent is moderately strong and of must and wood shavings. Steeping Instructions I … Continue reading, hoot!