Korean Dong Cheon Sejak Teas from What-Cha

I’m always on the hunt for Korean teas… though they also tend to be expensive. I was able to get in a deal with What-Chat Teas over reddit awhile back to preorder/group buy/meet his minimum order for these Korean teas. There is a few other sellers that carry Dong Cheon as well, but both teas, Korea Dong Cheon Sejak Jaksulcha Green Tea and Korea Dong Cheon Sejak Dancha Black Tea, are available on What-Cha. Korea Dong Cheon Sejak Jaksulcha Green Tea Sejak refers to picking time, thus this is a Spring 2016 tea. What-Cha has a summer picking available, aka Daejak. Jaksul means “Sparrow’s Tongue”, … Continue reading, hoot!

Keemun Mao Feng Black tea from What-Cha – Tea Review

I am still on the quest for a good Keemun! Hoot! Let’s sample some keemun from What-Cha. What-Cha, at this time, has a couple different keemuns to choose from. Today, I’ll be tasting Keemun Mao Feng Black tea. This one attracted me due to its promise of smooth caramel flavor. Dry Leaf What-Cha’s Keemun Mao Feng Black tea smells like burnt caramel and char scent. The dry leaf is tight thin wires of tea with the odd gold tip. Steeping Instructions I followed the steeping instructions stated on What-Cha’s packaging – 200f for a 3 minute infusion, using an in-mug tea … Continue reading, hoot!

Azores Teas from What-Cha

Today I’ll be sampling two teas today – a green and a black from Gorreana Tea Estate, Sao Miguel Island, The Azores, the oldest tea estate in Europe. Both teas are from What-Cha, online tea seller. I had a classmate from the Azores who talked quite a bit about life there (and brought food from the portuegese bakery, yum!). I had no idea Azores had tea, but then Hawaii grows some awesome tea so I bet Azores would have great tea too. Tasting of What-Cha’s Azores Encosta de Bruma Premium Green Tea The dry leaf of Azores Encosta de Bruma Premium Green Tea … Continue reading, hoot!