2012 Huron Gold Needle from Whispering Pines Tea Co – Tea Review

Today’s review is a shou cake from Whispering Pines Tea Co – 2012 Huron Gold Needle. I purchased this cake, along with the 2013 Ontario Shou, when they were just released in cake form. I had sampled both from tea community Travelling Tea Boxes and thought they were pretty tasty, inexpensive, and worth having a cake on hand. Interesting wrapper on this cake! Dry Leaf Wow, this is a gorgeous cake, one of the best looking shous I’ve seen! Huron Gold Needle has beautiful ripples of gold throughout the warm brown tea. Steeping Instructions I used boiling filtered water to … Continue reading, hoot!

2013 Ontario 1357 Ripe Shou Pu’er from Whispering Pines Tea Co. – Tea Review

Mmm, Whispering Pines Tea! I’ve sampled this 2013 Ontario 1357 Shou Pu’er in loose form and it was great. When Whispering Pines had the 2013 Ontario 1357 and 2012 Huron Gold Needle pressed into cakes, I quickly purchased one of each cake the day of release. The 2013 Ontario 1357 Ripe Shou Pu’er comes in 100 gram cake or in loose leaf. My cakes came with a spiffy cloth drawstring bag stamped with the Whispering Pines logo. I generally store my shou cakes in the open in glass or ceramic containers, so I wonder how good cloth bag storage will be. Comment below if you … Continue reading, hoot!

Whispering Pines Tea’s Golden Orchid Tea – Tea Review

Vanilla is amazing! I buy my beans 1lb at a time and add to things as simple as Rice Crispy squares to make my treats extra special. I make my own vanilla extract out of various liquors, which gives great flavor to my cookies. Vanilla teas are awesome – and a real popular one is Whispering Pines Tea Co’s Golden Orchid tea. I kept hearing so much about it, I snagged an ounce not too long ago to see for myself. Golden Orchid tea is a blend of Dian Hong and Fujian Xiao Zhong Black Tea with Hand Cut Grade A Madagascar Vanilla … Continue reading, hoot!

The Jabberwocky Tea from Whispering Pines Tea Co – Tea Review

I’ve been tea reviewing mostly straight teas these days, as it seems that is what has been arriving here at Oolong Owl, as well as the teas I’ve been purchasing for myself. Today’s tea is Whispering Pines Tea Co’s The Jabberywocky tea – a straight/unflavored blend of their Spring 2014 Harvest Fujian, Ailaoshan and Wild Arbor Yunnan black teas. Admittedly, the name of this tea is what drew me in, and the good ratings and recommendations from others cemented in that I needed to try The Jabberywocky, a tea to serve to the Jabberywocky! Dry Leaf The Jabberywocky tea’s dry leaf … Continue reading, hoot!

Ailaoshan Black Tea from Whispering Pines Tea Co.

Ailaoshan Black Tea is a 2014 harvest from the misty Ailao Mountain Nature Preserve in Yunnan China. This rich black tea is sold by Whispering Pines Tea Co, online tea seller based in Michigan. I had one of Whispering Pines Tea Co teas back in 2012 before I was tea blogging, Campfire Blend, and it was good. Then this tea seller slipped under my radar. I kept hearing more and more good things about their teas, so I decided to put in a small order to try Whispering Pines out again. They got lots of unique woodsy teas blended with pine needles and … Continue reading, hoot!