November White2tea Club 2015 Pin – Tea Review

I’ve been with the White2Tea Club monthly subscription tea box thing for a year now. At $30 a month, add up how much of my monies have been funneled into White2Tea for a year, and I’m still signed up as I love this tea club. If I cut myself off I think I’ll get the tea bends or something. November 2015’s White2Tea Club is the lovely 200 gram cake of 2015 Pin Sheng. For a $30 a month price, getting a $49 cake is a great deal for something I would of purchased it eventually. $49 cake is in my price range of … Continue reading, hoot!

Halloween Ripe Pu’er Stuffed Orange

This ripe pu’er stuffed orange came in the White2tea club for October. The orange was added as a bonus. I find orange pu is a fun steep, but I wouldn’t buy more for myself but new pu’er drinkers seem to interested in them. Maybe since the pu’er content is generally not the greatest, pu’er stuff oranges to me is a “try once” novelty tea. Some people do love them and buy them. I have reviewed a raw pu’er orange 2 years ago but not a ripe pu’er one. Pu’er stuffed oranges is generally cheap material but price is a little high due to … Continue reading, hoot!

October White2tea club – Tea Review

Yeah October White2Tea Club time! I got at my monthly tea clubs late since I was out of town for the beginning of the month. This month is an interesting mix of teas – 2006 Gongting Shou 100 gram cake, two 9 gram 2013 Lincang Area sheng orbs, and a ripe pu’er stuffed in a tangerine. I’m going to review the Gongting and Lincang now. I got a number of messages asking me to review the pu’er orange but that’ll be another post. Of the club teas this month, the 2006 Gongting shou 100 gram cake is available for purchase. Club members … Continue reading, hoot!

2005 Rocket Yiwu Sheng Pu’er from White2tea – Tea Review

The 2005 Yiwu Rocket was originally in the July White2Tea club as a sample. I didn’t review it in July as I was more in awe of drinking a giant mushroom pu’er. Then the requests starting coming in – “OMG where’s the Yiwu Rocket review!” Okay, okay, yeah I heard you all – here’s the White2Tea 2005 Rocket Yiwu sheng pu’er review! So what I love about the White2Tea club is being able to sample new teas they are selling, however it has also gotten me into more trouble. I tried the sample. I then promptly finished my sample and ordered … Continue reading, hoot!

September White2Tea Club – Qilan Oolongs!

Ooooh, another fun month with the White2Tea Club. When is the White2tea club not fun or an adventure? This month is three teas, Qilan Trees, Qilan Fire, and a 5 year aged Dahongpao brick. All oolongs, hoot! The Qilan Trees and Fire are new oolong offerings at the White2Tea shop, so being in the monthly tea subscription is nice as I get to sample the oolongs. Close up of the DHP! I’m going to drink the Qilan oolongs. As much as I want to do side by side, I’m going to drink them separately this month. SoCal has been blistering … Continue reading, hoot!

August White2tea Club featuring Dahongpao and Clover Patch Oolong – Tea Review

OMG This month’s White2tea club is awesome! I cannot contain my joy when I saw what I got. OOLONG! This month – Fresh Dahongpao, Aged Dahongpao, and Clover Patch Oolong. DROOL! Can I drink them all at once? I quite enjoy these tasting sets for education – I get to learn, try new teas (that some don’t get to try) and drink all the tea! I’ve never had Fresh Dahongpao nor even seen it for sale (apparently for good reason). Tasting of August White2tea Club – Fresh & Aged Dahongpao and Clover Patch Oolong Let’s start with drinking the Fresh and … Continue reading, hoot!

2015 If You Are Reading This It’s 2 Late Sheng Pu’er from White2Tea – Tea Review

I recently did a big White2tea order. When I opened the box there was something in there that smelled really pungently strong.  Upon sniff testing every tea in my box, this was the cake! If You Are Reading This It’s 2 Late! I kept smelling the cake it over and over, curious how a promise of sweet sheng smelled so pungent. This much confusion meant I needed to drink this ASAP. If You Are Reading This It’s 2 Late is an interesting name. I’ve already trolled people on instagram with it! With all these White2Tea cakes, I got lots of potential … Continue reading, hoot!

July White2tea Club with 2015 Green Shroom Pu’er – Tea Review

Tea readers, I am very satisfied with this month’s White2Tea Club – having fun exclusive pu’er cakes is really awesome! In July’s White2Tea Club – 2015 Green Shroom 250 grams and  a sample of 2005 Rocket Yiwu. Look how sweet this pu’er shroom looks! I’ve never owned a mushroom shape and the video game nerd in me loves the design! 2005 Rocket Yiwu is also a fantastic offering for this month’s tea club, many people have told me that it is really good. However I could not resist the shroom and I spent way too much time messing around with my … Continue reading, hoot!

June White2tea Club – Tea Review

Oohhhh yeah, June White2Tea Club time! This month is impressive with newly pressed pu’er! I’m going to review both teas that were included this month, so it’ll be a long Oolong Owl post today. So, in the June White2Tea Club is 2014 Ripe Pu’er Orbs x3 and 2015 Teaclub Gourd 100g. 2014 Ripe Pu’er Orbs First up, the Balls! You get 3 Ripe Pu’er Orbs and they came with instructions, if you choose to accept them. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED HOOT! The tea balls look like wrapped truffles! I unwrapped all three orbs. I tucked two of the orbs away, setting a note … Continue reading, hoot!

May White2tea Club

I’ve been enjoying the White2tea Club with being able to explore pu’er, blacks and oolongs. I am excited for this month as the teas are a decade-aged ripe pu’er and a spring 2015 black, with the black tea building a comparison upon a previous month’s Yunnan black. Unfortunately, I ran out of time to review the black, so let’s sample the pu’er, the White2Tea Club only tea! Tasting of May White2Tea Club’s 2003 Xiaguan Crane Mark Ripe Pu’er 2003 Xiaguan Crane Mark ripe is a 100 gram tuo and a round bird nest shape. It was easy to break off pieces. For steeping instructions, I … Continue reading, hoot!