Sticky Toffee Black Tea from Whittard of Chelsea – Oolong Owl Tea Review

Sticky Toffee Black Tea is a black tea blend with macadamia nuts and flavoring. This decadent dessert tea is from Whittard of Chelsea, UK based tea company. Groan. Seriously. I’ve eaten so much sweets over the holidays. I entered 2014 overloaded with sweets and with so many sweets leftover. Peanut Brittle. Home made cookies. Butter Tarts, Cherry Pound Cake and Pumpkin Pie piled high with cool whip. (not pictured as we ate it all!) I think I’m about tired of sweet things, but at the same time I’m now so wired for sweets that I need to ween myself off … Continue reading, hoot!

Rhubarb and Cream Tea from Whittard of Chelsea – Oolong Owl Tea Review

Rhubarb and Cream Black Tea is a loose leaf black tea blend from Whittard of Chelsea. Where has the love for rhubarb gone? Maybe I’m from the wrong generation or in the wrong area of the US. My deep freeze is FULL of rhubarb. My husband went crazy last year with the lack of rhubarb pies because during off season we couldn’t find frozen rhubarb. This year every time we saw good looking fresh rhubarb we bought it and stashed it in the freezer. Oddly, every time I’m hauling large bags bursting with rhubarb I’ll get asked “what is that?” “How do … Continue reading, hoot!

Lemon Rose White tea from Whittard of Chelsea

Lemon Rose White tea features Silver Tips White tea, Green Tea, Peony Petals, and Lemongrass. This tea is from Whittard of Chelsea. From what I can tell, I only see Lemon and Rose White tea listed on the UK side of the site and not the US side. Actually, all the interesting blends are on the UK shop side – I hope they bring those teas to their US shop! I always have a lemon green or white tea on hand – they make great iced teas! I also enjoy a lemon tea when I’m sick – I can doctor … Continue reading, hoot!