Coffee Leaf Tea, Mango and Mint from Wize Monkey

Coffee Leaf Tea! I previously reviewed Wize Monkey’s unflavored Coffee Leaf Tea. They also did really well at the World Tea Expo 2015! Coffee Leaf Tea is quite the innovative product as it uses the leaf which can be harvested all year round vs the coffee beans’ 3 month harvest window. The tea tastes pretty good too. It appears Wize Monkey has new packaging, as well as a sample pack of their new flavors, Mango Party and Mint Marvel. The sampler pack is in a kraft bag, but the box is really well designed with lots of information about Coffee Leaf … Continue reading, hoot!

Coffee Leaf Tea, Armando’s Original Blend from Wize Monkey – Tea Review

This morning I was in the mood for something different. I’m tired after last nights World of Warcraft session involving my female Panda Warrior (named Alishan)’s tour of shield slamming baddies in heroic dungeons. Shield Charge! SLAM! Panda Panda! I’m tired enough to want to drink a crazy weird tea. Enter Wize Monkey Armando’s Original Blend Coffee Leaf Tea. Wut? Probably one of the few times you’ll hear a coffee like product here at Oolong Owl. These are the leaves off a 100% organic Arabica coffee plant grown in Nicaragua. I don’t know much about coffee, but coffee has a harvest season … Continue reading, hoot!