Bai Ye Varietal Dancong Black Tea Spring 2016 from Yunnan Sourcing


Yunnan Sourcing has all kinds of sales every week. I managed to get sucked in a Dancong sale, feeling the need for some new and interesting Dancongs. I found Bai Ye Varietal Dancong while looking through all the 2016 line and the write up sounded appealing with, “Pronounced baked sweet potato taste…Highly recommended for Dan Cong and Black Tea aficionados alike!” I purchased this tea on Yunnan, and it is sold out. Bai Ye Varietal Dancong is available on Yunnan though. Actually, with this Dancong run I purchased many last bags from the US site. Dry Leaf SMELLOVISION … Continue reading, hoot!

2015 Green Miracle Shou Puer from Yunnan Sourcing


Today’s review is Yunnan Sourcing’s 2015 Green Miracle Wild Arbor shou puer. This puer is pressed spring 2014 50-70 year old wild arbor tree material. Since this puer came out, I’ve been told by friends that this shou is really good. I got tea buddies who have finished a whole cake or two of Green Miracle. A tea friend sent me a sample and I thought it was good enough for me to buy cake  with my next Yunnan Sourcing order. Once this puer hit my radar, I’ve noticed the price has gone up twice. It is still very affordable for a 250 … Continue reading, hoot!

2010 Hai Lang Hao Ripe Pu’er from Yunnan Sourcing – Tea Review

2010 Hai Ling Hao As you like ripe pu'er from Yunnan Sourcing - Oolong Owl Tea Review (3)

Today’s tea review is a ripe pu’er from Yunnan Sourcing! 2010 Hai Lang Hao “As You Like” Ripe Pu’er! This 357 gram cake is available on Yunnan and Yunnan This particular ripe pu’er is low to medium fermented that is a blend of various years of Menghai material. I purchased this cake with a Yunnan ripe pu’er order I did back in September 2014. I’m not sure what attracted me to this cake – the name is cute and the promise of future aging was interesting. An interesting note, I paid $24 for this cake, now it’s $38! Teal “Pu’er … Continue reading, hoot!

Spring 2013 Drunk on Red Sun Dried Feng Qing Black – Tea Review

DRUNK ON RED! DRUNK ON RED! I’d be lying if I said I bought Spring 2013 Drunk on Red Sun-Dried Feng Qing for the description and not its sweet name. Who would pass up a tea called Drunk On Red? I’d get tea drunk on teal or purple if I could! This tea is a Spring 2013 first flush Feng Qing black tea that has been sun dried, then pressed into 100 gram cakes. There’s a few different years to choose from on Yunnan Sourcing (both and site – if you are in the US I suggest shopping at the … Continue reading, hoot!

2013 Yunnan Sourcing Ripe Puerh and Snow Chrysanthemum

I write this on US Thanksgiving at 7pm on my phone. Dinner is over, the family has left and I feel like I’m rolling around about to burst a turkey pumpkin alien out of my gut. I never ever drink a caffeine tea this late but since I ate way too much thanksgiving food I need something to keep me awake and get the digestion flowing. I usually reach for the herbal chrysanthemum or chamomile tea but that’ll make me pass out. However, I do have this cute 100 gram 2013 Yunnan Sourcing Ripe Puer and Snow Chrysanthemum cake. I’m fight the turkey drowsy so a … Continue reading, hoot!

2010 Haiwan Peerless Ripe Pu’er – Tea Review

Yunnan Sourcing keeps having these awesome 12-15% off sales the last while. With my last order I wanted to get a couple ripe/shu pu’er cakes as I have mostly raw/sheng cakes or loose ripe in my stash. I’ve been drinking ripe pu’er a lot these days and it is my #1 tea to go to when I’m sick. With the cold season coming, I’m going to need some good tea to keep me well! I was eyeing this 2010 Haiwan Peerless Ripe Pu’er cake. The price is nice ($20 at the time of this review @ Yunnan Sourcing’s US site/ … Continue reading, hoot!

Imperial Gold Needle Yunnan Black Tea from Yunnan Sourcing – Tea Review

Tea Review time! Today, Yunnan Sourcing’s Imperial Gold Needle Yunnan Black tea. This is the Spring 2014 batch from Simao prefecture, China. I first saw this tea when Yunnan Sourcing posted a picture of the leaf on facebook. Immediately the Tea Owl alert went off for “OMG GORGEOUS LOOKING TEA!” With one of my recent Yunnan sourcing purchases I did not hesitate to buy 50 grams of Imperial Gold Needle Yunnan Black tea. When my package arrive, it was the first tea I cracked into and sampled. With the crazy amount of tea that comes to me and the Tea Owls, … Continue reading, hoot!

2012 Dragon of Jing Mai Pu’er from Yunnan Sourcing – Oolong Owl Tea Review

Dragon of Jing Mai Pu’er is a 2012 ripe/shu tea obtained from Yunnan This pu’er is also available on Yunnan Sourcing’s US site. This tea is produced in the Jing Mai area of China. This ripe pu’er cake is a steal! It’s 100 grams and only $5.80 to $6.50 depending on which Yunnan Sourcing site you’re on (at the time of this entry). It also has quite attractive packaging too… Oooh dragons! I am partial to nice designs on Pu’er wrappers. Actually, the cool wrapping and cheap price is probably why I bought this cake. Tea “pu’er pick” Owl is pumped! He’s … Continue reading, hoot!

2012 Qui Yun Wild Arbor Raw Pu’er from Yunnan Sourcing – Tea Review

2012 Qui Yun Wild Arbor Raw Pu’er is a 250 gram cake from YiWu mountain. This tea is from Yunnan This raw pu’er is harvested in Autumn from 60 to 80 year old, non sprayed arbor trees. I discovered I really like autumn pu’er. I was having this discussion with another pu’er lover and we figured it might be because I’m born in the fall. Spring pu’er is still tasty, but the fall teas really make me swoon! Dry Cake: Slightly sweet earthy floral smell to the cake. I love the appearance of raw pu’er cakes – it’s like … Continue reading, hoot!